The feathered lizardmen call themselves the First Children of the Old Ones or simply the First. The Estalians call them Saurios. A few still call them Lizardmen after the old tales of their forefathers. Most call them "Rangos"   The first Lizardman that chose to mingle freely with the other races took that as a pseudonym and that nickname ended up getting applied to the whole race.   They refer to other races as mammals or more derogatively, milk drinkers.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

Some have assimilated milk drinker technology such as firearms and some have not. Some try to work with the warmbloods and some refuse to do so.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Rangos of all types speak Saurian as their native language.  A few have taken to learning the languages of others, especially Reikspiel since it is the dominant tongue in the West.


The Lizardmen of old were composed of the many subspecies. The near immortal toad-like Slann were their rulers, acting as both kings and religious icons, wizards of great power.   Serving the Slann were crocodile like humanoid Saurus warriors and even larger hulking Kroxigor. The nimble Skinks were the most numerous and made up the bulk of the population.   Now that the Slann are long dead, the Skinks are in charge of the remnants of their once great society. Where once the Lizardmen aspired to direct the whole cosmos, now most Rangos simply struggle to survive and increasingly hostile and perhaps even alien world.   At some point between the World that Was and the current year of Westhammer, the Lizardmen grew feathers.  The Rangos themselves do not know how or why, but all artistic depictions of Lizardmen in ancient seem to show them bereft of feathers.   It also seems their ancestors struggled in cold climates and modern Rangos do not.

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