Giant Heads

Giant Heads are are a rare and terrifying monster in the dark frontier.   They will eat just about anything but they have a clear preference for fresh meat and crave manflesh most of all.   Giant heads are vaguely human looking but with proportionally larger mouths and teeth and proportionally smaller eyes.  They usually measure between six and ten feet in diameter.   They are not invincible but they are extremely resilient against physical attacks, somewhat less resilient against fire.  The fastest though most dangerous way to harm a giant head with conventional weapons is to attack its inside when it opens its mouth.   They can hover slowly, and they use this method for traveling long distance, but if they want to pursue a target they will hop and bounce like a squig or roll like a bowling ball because this allows much greater speed.   While they are technically sapient, they are very unintelligent and are relatively easy to trick.  In fact, guile is probably usually a far better strategy to defeat them than brute force.   For a more narrative perspective, check out my story Getting Ahead in the Railroad Business

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Floating heads will automatically speak in the native tongues of whoever happens to be in ear shot but their words are rarely more sophisticated than "I will eat you!"


Their exact origins are unknown, many assume they are old Chaos deaemons of yesteryear evolved into a new form or perhaps a spawn of the Famine because they are always hungry and never satisfied.

Cover image: by Paul1748