Common Idioms and Slang

Bangtail: A wild mustang   Belvidere: A handsome man.   Breeder: Term non-humans use to refer to Humans because there are a lot of them, and also a jab at their promiscuity.   Dusted: (1) To be thrown from a horse. (2) To be defeated or humiliated in any way.   Deringer: (1) A small easily concealed firearm (2) An unusually tough and scrappy halfling       Ulthani: Polite term for Elves   Ears: Casual term for Elves   Elfy Dear: Based on Belvidere. A prissy pretty boy Elf.   Soggy Bottom: Especially insulting term applied to elves. Refers to the fact that Ulthuan Sank into the sea.     Cactus: An orc because it's green and prickly and tough to kill.   Bangtail Cactus: A primitive orc that cannot or will not deal with civilized folk.       Beard or Beardy: Casual term applied to dwarves   Pony Rider: Dwarf or Halfling   Mountain Goat: Mildly insulting term applied to dwarves   Stunty: Especially insulting term applied to dwarves.           The First: Long form, First Children of the Old Ones. What Lizardmen call themselves.   Saurians/El Saurios: Relatively polite way outsiders to refer to Lizardmen.   Rango: Casual term for Lizardmen   Bangtail Rango/Liz'un/Saurio: A prmitive Lizardmen that cannot or will not deal with civilized folk.   Liz'un: Mildly insluting term for Lizardmen.   Chicken Riders: Refers to Lizardmen riding Culchans.   Milk Suckers: Term Lizardmen use to refer to all non-Lizardmen.       Sparkles: Benign magic.   Sparkly Iron: Potentially lethal offensive magic.   Conjure a Jackalope: Magic that is ultimately useless.   Sparkly Coffee: Augmentation of buff spells   Sparkly Dust: A miscast.   Black Airs: Dark Magic.

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