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The Art of Kinetics

Nature allows that every Human has kinetic powers. But a wild mind cannot control such power. Remember, my young scholars, the power of Navuria is found within a controlled mind.
— A Navurian Grandmaster of Kinetics

General Information

Kinetics, also called Arts of Kinetics, describes the ability to use the energy of the Weltengeist to expand one's mind. The kinetical power show up in several various forms depending on the technique that is used to increase ones Weltengeist. For example the Navurian culture is known to use Martial Arts to increase their Weltengeist, which results in the Outter Kinetics. On the other hands the northern tribes perform trance-like meditations, which made them able to perform the Inner kinetics, but there are more complex and mysterious forms, yet these two are the most prominent and common ones - altough even the Inner Kineitcs is seen as a myth already.   The Art of Kinetics is considered as a high and sacred craft in most cultures and as a consequence, only few of them reach the maximum potential of the kinetic powers.   Therefore Kinetics almost always hold high positions, as for example in the Navurian Empire, where a fully trained kinetic can become a respected part of the upper class, regardless of his or her origins. As a result, it is unfortunately not uncommon for forced marriages to be arranged to increase the chances of kinetically gifted children.


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Source of Power

The Weltengeist is a cosmic, primordial and practically unlimited power of creation, which is responsible for the emergence of life on very few, chosen planets. The Weltengeist thereby flows through all and everything that originates from the planet itself and that lives from it. It is important to know that the more conscious a living being is, the higher the concentration of the Weltengeist, the so-called Focus, is. (See for more information: The Weltengeist )   To use Kinetics one has to enhance and increase its Focus by certain techniques or rituals. Depending on these rituals and techniques the Kinetics will have different forms. For exmaple you have the the so-called Outer Kinetics, which is mainly used by the Navurian Kinetics. With the outer kinetics it is possible to manipulate objects that are infused with Weltengeist, basically a limited form of Telekinesis.

However, it is essential to know that the more conscious the object is, the more it becomes difficult to manipulate and influence. In practical terms, this means that although it is possible for a Kinetic to move and control stones and wood, it is almost impossible to influence another human being or a living being of the same level of consciousness.

The Outter Kinetics

As the outter kinetics are already studied in detail and the techniques, methods and limits were document by Navurian scholars we will start with this form. It is also the most common form of Kinetics as well due to the expansion of the Navurian empire

The Five Pillars

Theoretically you would have to master every of the five pillars to reach the maximum potential of kinetical power. In practice this is reserved for only the Avari soldiers, who will become the elite soldiers of the Navurian Empire, yet many will die in the process. But other specialization are popular and more common as well, for example the healers of the Everlight Temple, who are experts in the Pillars of Mind and Dexterity.  
You cannot speak a word that you can not think of. And you cannot do anything that you cannot visualize. The real power is always within yourself. The better you get at envisioning what is all possible, the more you trust yourself of what you are capable, the stronger you will become!
— A Navurian Grandmaster of Kinetics

  Another profession are the Master builders, who are specialized in the Size and Weight pillars, which enables them to combine their powers to transport enormous weight. Therefore the builders of Navuria are famous for their collosal buildings, that gives the impression they are some kind of divinity to more primitive cultures.   Altough these fiver pillars were written down as laws of the Outter Kinetics, most of them can be used for the Inner Kinetics and other forms as well, yet in a slightly different form.  

  • Geist - Pillar of Mind
  • The mastery of Geist is considered as the foundation of all other pillars because it doesn't matter what you want to do: you have to be able to visualize it. As Geist is only looking inward and not doing anything else on the outside it is considered the only "inside pillar".   The idea that something is possible only when you are able to see yourself doing it is not only considered a philosophical principle among the kinetics, but is also deeply rooted in Navurian culture. Because as people know that they can move their arm, they must be able to visualize without much effort what it would be like to lift a stone without touching it.   This enhanced imaginative power is what distinguishes an average Kinetic from a master of kinetics. Depending on the extent of the Geist pillar, it is possible to feel objects and living beings infused by Weltengeist, which plays an important role in kinetic medicine, for example.

  • Geschicklichkeit - Pillar of Dexterity
  • The bridge between the inner pillar of Geist and and the following, so-called outer pillars is the Pillar of Dexterity (Geschicklichkeit).   It is essential for the understanding of the Pillar of Dexterity that it focuses on balance, e.g. to make a stone float and also to keep it floating motionless in the air, but also to keep your mind balanced, which makes it kind of an outside and inside pillar alike.   It gets very difficult if you want to perform a kinetical toss or punch, here the Pillar of Dexterity plays an important role! It is of no use if a kinetic soldier is able to lift huge boulders, but cannot control the direction, where that boulder should be throwed. Masters of dexterity are often found in kinetic medicine, which is not surprising since they have often mastered the Geist pillar and the pillar of Dexterity.   In kinetic medicine, they perform highly complex surgical procedures, whereas most Kinetics are not even able to split a stone into two equally sized halves.

  • Gewicht - Pillar of Weight
  • The external pillars are easier to explain because they relate to the object or living being that is being manipulated. It is challenging to fully master them or increase the potential that you naturally have as they are more like fixed laws of nature, so being good with the external pillars is not considered remarkable, as they can be achieved by almost any semi-trained Kinetic. With the pillar of weight (Gewicht), a Kinetic can usually lift, stem and push 2x to 3x the weight of his or her own body.

  • Größe - Pillar of Size
  • The pillar of size (Größe) also explains itself. Even in a fictive scenario, where the Kinetic would not be limited by the other pillars, it would not be possible for a Kinetic to move a whole mountain for example. It is common that a Kinetic can still manipulate objects of 4-5x body size.

  • Geschwindigkeit - Pillar of Speed
  • At last we have the pillar of speed (Geschwindigkeit), which allows a Kinetic to accelerate objects or even slow them down depending on the level of training. Due to the lack of speed measurements in the world of Raja, it can only be assumed that a trained Kinetic can accelerate objects at 6-7 times the speed.

The Secret of the Sixth Pillar

A legend that has existed among kinetics is: The sixth pillar. There have always been rumors that there has to be a sixth pillar, that some people call "Gestalt". According to this legend, reaching the Gestalt pillar is supposed to lead to the fact that a kinetic can manipulate not only material objects, but also immaterial objects, such as thoughts, emotions and the mind.  

The Gestalt and Pathics

With reaching the Gestalt, basic kinetic limitations are annulled, so for example one could also manipulate and control conscious living beings of the same level of consciousness. As there are some Kinetics that reached this level of mastery, they named this form of Kinetics the Pathics, which was an ancient gift of the Goddess Avenal to the humans.   There have been many theories speculating about how to speed up or enforce the attainment of the Gestalt. The official opinion of the scholars is that only the ancient, legendary grandmasters of the Kinetics were allowed to reach the Gestalt and that it isn't possible today to reach this level by own strenght or will. Yet it is seen as a status that every Kinetic should strieve for.   Another theory says that it is still possible to reach the level of Gestalt but only through years of meditation and by perfecting the pillar of mind. Encouraged by this belief, some younger Kinetics have already been meditating themselves to death and have refused water and food.   In reality, the situation is entirely different with the Pathics and the ascent to the Gestalt. Because the level of Gestalt can only be reached by infusing a higher degree of Weltengeist. Of course, the perfection of the pillar of Mind plays a fundamental role in reaching and controlling the Gestalt, but one also needs to have a deep knowledge and understanding of the Weltengeist and the way the world works. (See: Weltengeist).  

The Absorption technique

It is in a natural way impossible to increase one's Weltengeist level that much, because this can only be done with the forbidden and secret technique of Absorption. Only by the absorption of another Weltengeist the Kinetic will break through the barriers of his own being and can ascend to the Gestalt. The technique of Absorption extracts the Weltengeist from another, equally strong living being's body, because the two Weltengeist have to be compatible.   It is therefore not possible for a Kinetic to absorb the Weltengeist of a pig and become a Gestalt. As a result, the Kinetics who follow this path are dependent on Weltengeist of equally strong individuals, which can only be found in other Kinetics.   Therefore, targeted murders or human sacrifice rituals are performed in order to recruit well-chosen Kinetics into the ranks of the Pathics. Yet there are also duels between two chosen ones, where the winner proved to be worthy to absorp the other ones Weltengeist.

Advanced Pathics

But as greedy as humans are there are cases of Pathics who think that one additional Weltengeist is not enough and thus begin to absorb three, five or even ten other Weltengeist. As punishment for the numerous, selfish murders and deaths, the greedy Pathics fell into a state of madness: they hear voices and slowly lose their humanity. It is speculated that one human is not capable of absorbing and controlling several Weltengeist energies.   Nevertheless, the ones who will be bred into monstrosities with multi-absorptions, whose strength exceeds the power of any Kinetic or Pathic, are systematically selected by the Navurian shadow government. These monstrosities can be categorized into three categories depending on the amount of Weltengeist energies they have absorped:  
  • Die Verwirrungen - The Tangled Ones
  • The most basic form of these monstrosities are called "The Tangled Ones" and usually consist of three to five individual Weltengeist energies. The original Pathic must have an extremely strong will in order to control The Tangled Ones, since the smallest inconsistency can cause the Weltengeist energies to rebel on the inside. The Tangled Ones are extraordinarily powerful and should not be underestimated, since they still seem human in comparison to the others, also the original Pathic is able to keep his consciousness and keep control over the body in most cases.  
  • Die Geischtlosen - The Faceless
  • The Faceless describes a monstrosity that consists of many Weltengeist, normally fifty or more. The identity of the original person is fused with the identities of the Weltengeist energies and a new entity emerges, which acts in a cold and calculated way - without any human emotions. The Faceless are named after their ability to change their form, as they can change their appearance and voice at any given moment. The Faceless can be imagined as an accumulation of consciousness that controls the shell of a human body. Since the Faceless are not loyal to any faction and have a tendency to fall into a state of chaos and madness, they are very uncommon and the ones that are alive are kept in secret prison, sealed away until they have to be used. There are only a few beings who can stand up to them in the presence of their power, for example the combined strenght of some Tangled Ones is used to control the actions of the Faceless.  
  • Die Göttlichen - The Divine
  • Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill thousands of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill millions, and you are a god.   True to this quote, one can say that the Divine are a union of uncountable Weltengeist energies and are no longer perceived as mortals. A Divine is a being that in no way resembles a human being and has incredible abilities. There are not many beings who can compete with a Divine, so even the World Wardens have their troubles in fighting a Divine. There are only a handful of them, as they often arise from the downfall of entire kingdoms or civilizations. One of the last living Divine is the Godemperor of Navuria

The secret organization

The sixth pillars not only descirbed the ascent of the Gestalt with the abilites that come with it, but it is also a name for a secret organization, that is operating in the shadows of the Navurian Empire. The sixth pillar is built by the first seven families that formed the Inner circle of the Council of Light. These old families were also the ones that were given the gift of Kinetics by Avenal and the Godemperor and are the most powerful and influential ones in the Navurian Empire.   The sixth pillars operates in the shadow and is only known to chosen members of these families as well as other chosen members, like highly skilled and carefully recruited Kinetics. They are controlling the population with pure force and mind control.
  Read more about the Sixth Pillar as the secret organisation.

The inner Kinetics

As a form of Kinetics, the inner Kinetics also use the same source of power: the Weltengeist. In addition, the inner Kinetic is based on the same pillars as the outer Kinetic, but these pillars work inwards rather than outwards. We will, however, further examine this characteristic in the following. First of all, it is essential to understand that the inner Kinetic does not influence the outer world, but the inner world.   In concrete words, this means that in order to use the inner Kinetic, you need to have an intense consciousness for your body and your Weltengeist. The powers of the inner kineticists are reflected through the ability of your body to get stronger, faster and in rare cases even bigger. As the Kinetics is rather ostracized than appreciated in the northern kingdoms, the inner Kinetics is still a book with seven seals, whose mysteries are waiting to be revealed.   In the legends of the North, there is a legend of warriors with invincible skin who tear down walls with their bare hands. Of giants who stomped mountains into hills and wiped out entire cities in a single night. Whether these legends are only loved to be told by Rendian slaves, or whether they are true, is still not known today.


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