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Naghura | Apex Predator in the Skies and on Land

The Naghura is an apex predator both in the skies and on land. With a wing span of four meters and a size of three fully grown gryphons, the Naghura is able to take it up with smaller airships all by itself. This predator is considered an S-Level threat by the Pathseekers and other prominent hunter associations.   
Easily five if not six meters long with a massive wingspan to boot, the Naghura is considered the royalty of the skies. They are agile and fast both in the air and on land. With claws and fangs sharp enough to pierce through durable steel and a poison that can paralyze a fullgrown grizzly within seconds, the Naghura is a beast you do not wish to fight unprepared. If that was not enough, then it should also be noted that this particular predator has some minor control over the wind and all domains related to the sky. 
- Willem Boarhammer (Huntmaster 1st Class)

Basic Information


The Naghura stands on four limbs and sports an extremely powerful build. With a physique primed and ready for preying on other animals lower on the food chain, the Naghura is an apex predator of both the land and the skies. With its sleek feline build, black or brown coloration and short fur, the Naghura seems to have evolved from the family of the Puma. A set of large avian wings, feathered and structured like an eagle, the Naghura is able to soar through the skies elegantly, capable of performing quick twists and turns, as well as able to pivot on the spot. This beast's claws are sharp enough to cut through steel as are the fangs. A long feline tail helps the Naghura with navigating and keeping its balance, when flying.    In terms of gender differences, males seem to be built a little bit more massive, while the females are compact. From an evolutionary standpoint, the males are more capable in the skies, seeing as it is their task of protecting a Naghura's cave, which is usually situated high in the mountains. Here other avian creatures pose as threats, which males defend against. The females, with their sleeker build are the ones, who hunt both in the skies and on land. Their build allows them to be faster and more agile, attributes which are needed to be successful on the prowl.

Ecology and Habitats

The Naghura live around high peaks and mountain sides, preferably with a forest or large fields close by. While they inhabit the skies most of the time, their prey of choice are large ground animals, like cows or sheep, but at the end of the day they are known to attack anything that vaguely resembles food.    A Naghura will look for caves to rest in and sometimes even build itself a cave, if need be. Nests made from branches, hay, stone and other natural materials are found within the caves marking the home of a Naghura.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Naghura possesses keen senses, meaning that their senses of sight, smell and hearing is enhanced compared to a persons. They are able to hear much more high frequent tones, can see with minimal amounts of light and smell things over large distances.    Because of their connection to the wind and the domains of the skies, it is believed that the Naghura has an innate feeling about the impeding weather and they know when a storm is approaching. Seeing a Naghura flying in the midst of a storm is a bad sign because it means one of two things. Either the beast is very confident in its own abilities, bordering recklessness, which makes it unpredictable, or it is an ancient Naghura with a much more pronounced affinity for the elements of wind and storms.

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