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Lykki | Mineral Searching Moles from Rhendoria

The Lynkki are a species of subterran molelike creatures, who are used by the miners of the southern nations in Rhendoria to find Bilathium. Since the precious crystal is somewhat of a delicacy for the Lynkki they are very good at tracking it, even when multiple meters of stone and earth are between them and their treat.

Basic Information


Lykki are small creatures of around 40 cm from one end to the other, they weigh up to 10 kg depending on size and gender with the males being a bit heavier. They walk on four legs with their front legs serving as digging instruments with a set of long, sharp claws. Their faces are long with a thinner snout. A Lykki's nose is many times more sensitive than that of the average man. It allows them to sniff out even the barest hints of Bilathium from behind thick walls of stone no less.   Lykki have soft short black or grey fur with a spot of brown at the belly. They are very sensitive to direct sunlight and don't see very well, but both their hearing and sense of smell make more than up for it. Despite their preference of digging beneath the ground, they are fast runners and very nimble.

Ecology and Habitats

Lykki like to stay in subterran areas, like caves but they are usually found in vast systems of their own tunnels. A Lykki's system of tunnels can spread over hundreds of square meters, all of which they navigate with ease. This species of moles are at home in the southern reaches of Rhendoria but can also be found all over the continent, though in much smaller numbers, since they prefer the more temperate climate of the southern shores of Rhendoria, if they have to come to the surface.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Lykki eat different minerals, which they find in the earth. From iron to copper to the much coveted Bylathium. When their normal food cannot be procured, they tend to eat rocks, though they cannot survive on such a diet for long.   They are not able to process dairy and have severe issues when it comes to eating meat, since their organism is not made for that type of food.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Miners in the south of Rhendoria, especially in Thargaz, have learned to domesticate and train the Lykki to sniff out the Bilathium, which they use to build certain sets of armor or weapons. The Lykki will get a magical tracker put on them, that allows miners to trace their every step. In addition to that, the enchantment will react to even the finest particles of Bilathium in the air, which allows the mining operation to know, when one of their Lykkis has managed to find a source of Bilathium.

Average Intelligence

The average Lykki is quite intelligent. They have an extraordinary sense of direction. These small fellows know their own cave tunnels like the back of their paw and would never get lost in them. In addition to that, many Lykki show the aptitude to use tools in order to crack open geodes or other stones for the precious minerals captured within. It is not rare to find a Lykki trying to bust open a stone by using a primitive version of a hammer, using another stone.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The most outstanding senses which a Lykki possesses is their sense of smell. They use it as their primary tool of understanding and analyzing their environment, able to sense even the faintest changes in the atmosphere. A Lykki uses their nose to smell out threats, as well as their food.

Scientific Name
Terrobylo Lykkanum
10 years
Conservation Status
There are many free Lykki and at the moment they are not considered endangered. Because of their chosen territory, their natural enemies are rather limited.
Average Height
30-40 cm
Average Weight
~ 10 kg
Geographic Distribution

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