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Welcome to Var'Kana

1162 After Calamity

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Enu al'Tallah wanderer or in the common tongue welcome. So you have found your way to the world of Var'kana. A place of magic, myths and legends, of secrets and divine powers! Here you will explore a world ravaged by the colossal conflicts of clashing deities. A world that bounces back from the near collapse of the material world.  

What is Var'kana all about?

Var'kana is a high fantasy, high magic world that has grown much since its first inception. In this world magic and balance is everything. As the energy of the cosmos, magic is the glue that holds all the pieces together and allows the different planes to exist in relative harmony. The gods of the Pantheon served as the supervisors of this balance, nurturing it and ensuring that no harm would come to it from outside forces. In the end, it was the betrayal of one of their own that brought imbalance to the cosmos, forcing the Pantheon to act. The result of the so called War of Divinity was a ravished land, collapsed civilizations and a greatly reduced population, which had to pick up the pieces without the Panheon that has so far guided them. Many centuries passed since that time and yet many problems still remain. Remnants of the enemy's forces still linger, recruiting new followers into their ranks and working onto freeing their ancient masters, all the while the planes itself face imminent collision, threatening a total ecological and planetary catastrophe.
Adventurers find themselves in a fast paced environment that is stuck between the political conflicts of the nations, ancient threats and weird planar interactions, which are able to transform any piece of land within a moment of a planar rift opening. But the ingenuity of mortals know no bounds and so the people of Var'kana work on solutions to preserve the survival of their world.