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Logorians - The King's Guardsmen

Picture created by Castle Creations
The Logorians have powers that defy magic. They are Shaydon's most powerful warriors, instructors, inventors, and servants. Since they are Beings, they are immortal.   The majority of Logorians live in and around Aloblase. Though, in earlier days, they were a little more spread out. This is why a few ended up in mixed unions with humans, Curians, and Elves, though this practice was frowned upon. The majority of unions were between Logorian and Elves--so the children usually ended up blending into the Elven community most often.   However, unions with a human generally brought about a child that was an outcast. Those few hybrids are powerful and if they didn't find a clan to accept them, then they ended up joining with the Wizarding Orders. Over the generations, mixing with other species was discouraged and Logorians dedicated their lives to serving Aloblase. They pledged to answer only to King Shaydon and Prince Issah, helping him to fight evil's forces and protect those few towns and cities still dedicated to kingdom ways.

Basic Information


They are similar to elves, smart and inventive like Curians, and are considered the most beautiful male and females in all the land. Graceful in movement, quiet in speech, they are kind to those dedicated to their king.  


Genetics and Reproduction

They come into existence when a couple dedicates to join their lives forever. Logorians usually only produce one or two offspring. Not many Logorians are willing to settle into family life. They are craftsmen, warriors, adventurers, and protectors.

Growth Rate & Stages

It takes almost 200 years to reach adulthood. They can be killed, but it's not easy. Most simply travel into Everlasting after a thousand years.


Ecology and Habitats

They are strongest within the borders of Aloblase.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

They are highly intelligent and dedicated to the King.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They are creative and magical which enables them to make helpful inventions.

Logorian Inventions

  • Ledgo-graphs
  • Necessity packs
  • Imagi-scopes
  • All-seeing orbs
  • The Messenger Bird services
  • And many other designs and assistance

Civilization and Culture

Relationship Ideals

They will find a mate to share their life with.

Average Technological Level

Logorians are the creators of the Ledge-o-graph, they helped to make the Imagi-scopes and spheres. Other things they've made are necessiti-packs (travel packs that will hold everything a person needs. Everything) They are also the managers of the messenger bird network.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Lithe and graceful. Beautiful and mild-spoken.
They are eternal
Conservation Status
They are under the King's protection and are highly favored in the kingdom.
Average Height
Females 6" and Males 7"

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