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Katrina the Curian

Katrina has been waiting for the right moment to make her move.   She's small, petite and seemingly insignificant. Seemingly. But don't let her outside appearance fool you. Inside, she contains something special. Something timeless.   Oh yeah, she is definitely ready for this journey. The hope of her people depends on her reaching her destination.     History: All the Curian's have supposedly been destroyed. Katrina's parents saw the coming threat and managed to send her away to the northern mountains where she was raised by a family of goat herders. Yet, the strange girl outlived them all and on her adoptive mother's deathbed, Katrina learned the truth about her true origins.   She then travels to Denovo in hopes of finding the way into the demolished Halls of Knowledge where her people's bones remain Hopefully, she'll also find out if a remnant of Curians, who foresaw the danger, managed to escape.   As a Curian, Katrina looks like any other human, except that she has the strange lobbed ears that hang low against her neck and the dark swirling marks of her people. The longer she stays in her abandoned Halls of Knowledge, the darker and more noticeable they become.   Like other Wisdom-Keepers, she can walk into a library and know exactly what books sit upon the dusty shelves, and what information those books contain. Her people were the history keepers of Alburnium. They invented unusual devices and kept records of all the various cultures of the land. If one ever needs to know about anything, having a Curian as a friend is always a plus.

Physical Description

Body Features

Curians are small and lithe. They have swirling marks that cover the sides of their faces and run down their arms. The older they get, the more markings appear.

Facial Features

They have narrow faces, ear lobes that hang low and are covered in markings. They are attractive, but not beautiful compared to other species.

Identifying Characteristics

The marks that cover their skin and their ears are the first indication of their race.

Physical quirks

She can touch the binding of a book and know everything that book is about.

Special abilities

Curians are the most intelligent and knowledgable beings in the land. And they know this, which makes them feel set apart from the other species that inhabit the low lands. They are inventors, scientist, wisdom-seekers.

Apparel & Accessories

She wears simple garments of cotton in drab colors. Curians try not to stand out.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Katrina grew up on a small farm in the northern mountains of Alburnium in the foothills of Sapre. It wasn't until her adoptive mother was dying when she explained why Katrina aged so slowly compared to humans. She wasn't human at all, but one of the long-lost Curians who many feared were driven into extinction.   In her heart, Katrina believed that if she escaped the attack on her people in their mountain fortress, then others may have as well. So she leaves the safety of her family's land and makes her way down to Denovo, a major trade town, that sits at the foot of the Semitamon Mountains. Along the way, she finds odd jobs, stopping in towns that serve King Shaydon and working in their libraries where she gathers any and all information about the land that she can get her hands on.   When she finally reaches Denovo, she looks for aid in the Town's Meeting Hall, but it's been abandoned. This troubles Katrina because she realizes that Denovo is no longer a town that is dedicated to the King, which makes it a dangerous place for someone like her. Unsure what to do next, and needing shelter, she settles in the vacant hall and tries to clean it up as best as she can.   Then one day, a kind traveler enters and asks for a meal. This is what Meeting Halls are for, serving the weary traveler and helping people on their journey to Aloblase where they will go to meet with the king.   "We've been waiting for you, Katrina," he says, much to her surprise and shock.   "How do you know me, sir? I've only arrived a couple of weeks ago and have mainly kept to myself, except to venture into town for a few supplies."   "Oh, we know everything there is to know about you, my dear. King Shaydon has been keeping watch over you all your life. He's pleased to know that you've braved the unknown this far and have made it here at the crux of your journey." The stranger removed his hood, revealing a head covered in honey brown hair that fell to his shoulders, and earthy brown eyes that immediately put her at ease. His voice is calm, bringing peace to her wary nerves and his smile is kind and welcoming.   "The crux, sir? I don't understand, please forgive me."   "I know what you seek, Katrina. You will need to make a choice between the clinging to the past or securing your future. You are along, unprotected, and despite your knowledge, there is much you do not know yet about the truth you seek. I'd like to leave another possibility for you to consider."   "Another possibility?" she asked, contemplating the stranger's cryptic words. "What other possibility do I have before me, except to find out the truth about what happened to my people? I feel so strongly that all are not lost and perhaps there are others who survived."   The traveler smiled wider and leaned forward, speaking in a low tone, "I believe you are right."   Katrina's breath caught. "But sir, if there is a remnant, I wish to find them! I must. I'm sure there's a way."   "Indeed, my dear Katrina. Only, I'd hate to see you undertake such a monumental task all by yourself. What if I told you there was a library that contains more books than all the libraries across the land contain? And if you were to come to see this library, you will find many answers to your many questions."   "Truly?" Katrina's excitement grew until she could no longer sit and had to get up and pace around the empty kitchen. "Where is this library? I would very much love to see it, sir."   "I'd hoped you would say that." He stood as well, pulling the hood back over his head. "The library is located in Aloblase."   Katrina gasped. "Aloblase? Where King Shaydon lives? What I wouldn't give for a chance to meet him, for a chance to attend the Academy. But sir, I'm all alone and the journey to there requires finding a way through the mountains. It's nearly impossible!"   "Nearly isn't impossible, but actually quite possible. I wouldn't have suggested it if you were completely unable to make such a trip." Before she could argue more, he held up his hand. "There is a group of travelers heading this way. I would like for you to wait here and greet them when they arrive. They will be seeking supplies for the trip over the mountains. Join with them and then you will not have to make that trip alone. Will you do that?"   Katrina thought about what he said for a moment, then nodded. "Yes. Of course, I can do that. Why I can even begin collecting food and...things they might need."   "Very good. I'm looking forward to meeting you again, once you reach your destination. We'll talk more when you arrive at Shaydon's throne room."   "Sir? You haven't told me your name. How will I find you once I reach the White City?"   He smiled once more and placed his hand on her shoulder. "I go by many names, but my friends call me Issah. I'll be there waiting for you, Katrina. Goodbye for now. Wait for the travelers to arrive. They'll help you get across the mountains."   Then he left her.   "Issah? Have I truly spent the past hour speaking to and feeding the Prince of Alburnium? That can't be, can it?"   Katrina did as Issah requested and waited, biding her time by taking care of the Meeting Hall, greeting those who did venture in, and trying to help them as much as she possibly could. Conditions in Denovo began to worsen as soldiers from Racah infiltered the city walls and began harassing the citizens. Several years passed and she began to wonder if perhaps the whole meeting was nothing more than a dream.   Then one day, things began to change in Denovo. A family arrived, seeking a way through the mountains. They had no intention of going over the dangerous peaks, Instead, they had a plan to travel along the secret passages. This was not what Katrina expected, nor what Issah had described. But they did wish to find a way to Aloblase, so she agreed to help them.   Sometimes, the obvious solution isn't always the best answer.


Katrina is self-taught. Her bloodline enables her to learn quickly and remember everything she's ever read in the past. Once she left her family's land, her world was opened and her knowledge increased with each mile she traveled.


Katrina often found work as a maid, or a bookbinder, or helping to organize a town's library. She enjoyed working with books the most and could read one in mere hours.

Personality Characteristics


She desires to find a way into her people's mountain fortress and perhaps learn what really happened during their last days and if any escaped.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

She is good at problem-solving, and finding information when someone needs it.

Katrina's story is found in all the White Road Chronicles series books.
Arrogantly intelligent
Circumstances of Birth
Katrina had to be sent away from her parents only a year after she was born. Her parents were part of the small group that saw the Dark Lord's intentions of destroying the Halls of Knowledge. Nobody else believed such a thing was possible.
Biological Sex
Dark blue
long, sleek and raven black
Skin Tone
slightly tanned
Quotes & Catchphrases
Katrina often ends a sentence with yes or no, making a statement a question.

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