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Jerin of Yarholm

From Illuminated- Chapter 7

  A burly youth with an angry scowl stood in the entrance. He held a three-foot log in his upraised hand and a loaded slingshot that swayed like a pendulum in the other. His pale blue eyes scanned the now quiet room.   “I’ve had enough!” His voice rumbled like a snowy avalanche. “Enough of you blasted little pests planting weeds in my crops! Enough of you spoiling my milk and everything else I try to do! Okbold heads are about to roll. I swear it!”   The hulking youth, named Jerin, glowered, his stubbly chin jutted out in contempt. He nearly matched the height of a grizzly, with sinewy arms and legs solid like pillars, though he appeared to be no more than twenty summers. The club swayed threateningly above his block-shaped head. “Might as well back off,” Jerin warned, his tone calm. “This is between me and them.”      

Jerin of Yarholm is 22 years old when we first meet him in Illuminated- Book One.

  He has a big problem. His town is being overrun by these little creatures called Okbolds (tree-like creatures that stand about the height of a person's knees). For some reason, Jarin has angered the Okbolds and so they fill his fields with weed seeds and make the milk his cows produce turn sour soon as he milks them.   Jerin has had enough of being bullied by the leafy little blights. When he meets up with the strange run-away girl who says she is looking for the white tree people, he agrees to show her the path to Aloblase if she'll show him where these people are camping.   LIttle do the two of them know, they will be set on a journey that will take them across the land of Alburnium and into many adventures throughout the series.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Mannerisms: Rough, clumsy and brutish Says "Blasted" and other rough words

Body Features

He stands for body: physical strength

Identifying Characteristics

He is tall and bulky, with a block-shaped head and bear-like build, he's intimidating until one gets to know him and finds out that he's really as sweet and kind as a puppy.

Special abilities

His medallion is a sword and shield He is a mighty warrior

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Worked a small farm in Yarholm with his father.   His hometown sat on the border of Racan territory but was not subjected to Lord Darnel. Nor are they dedicated to King Shaydon. This has left Yarholm at the mercy of renegade trolls, ogres and other trespassing creatures. The latest plight on his town is the growing population of Okbolds, who seem like they want to be helpful until you upset them.   Jerin is not fond of creatures. His best friends back home are Rog and Lydia - the Inn Keepers.


Education is mainly taught in the home. His mother taught him to read and write, his father taught him to work. After his mother passed away from sickness, Jerin worked more than he read or wrote.


They are farmers and make a living off the crops they grow. Though Jerin dreams of becoming a soldier some day and fighting off the creatures who are encroaching on human lands.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Weapons of choice: Sword and mace. The first weapon her mastered was sling-shot which he still uses often.

Failures & Embarrassments

Jerin often does before he thinks things through, which often gets him into all kinds of trouble.

Personality Characteristics


Jerin dreams of becoming a great warrior. It takes many trials and a lot of mishaps before he eventually begins to attain his goal.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He's great with his slingshot and can hit his mark every time. He's horrible about keeping his big mouth shut and not putting his foot in his mouth.

Likes & Dislikes

He loves being part of Shaydon's warriors, but he hates the creatures that are included.

Virtues & Personality perks

He's ambitious and brave

Vices & Personality flaws

He's impatient and brash

Biological Sex
Bright Blue
blond and unruly
Skin Tone
Tanned from farm work
6' 7"
Large and bulky. Build like a grizzly bear
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Get back on the path, Princess!"

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