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Alyra the Illuminate

Written by jcastle316

Her past is a mystery. Her present is a nightmare. Her future seems hopeless.

Alyra, mockingly known as Princess, was captured at an early age by the evil ruler, Darnel, and brought up in the dark land of Racah. Now, at the age of seventeen, she considers herself nothing special. She has no recollection of who she is or where she came from. Her hope of ever finding freedom dims. Until the messenger arrives. Until he brings to light the meaning behind the medallion she's kept hidden. Until she accepts the blinding truth.   Now she flees for her life.   Alyra’s journey leads her down a narrow road with strange traveling companions. Together, they encounter a kingdom where nothing is what it first seems.    

From Illuminated Chapter 1

  Princess moved to follow Ben, but a strong hand clamped down on her arm. Darnel yanked her around so she faced him. “It’s your fault that man died.” He’d held the dagger, not her! She started to protest, but he cut off her words. “Stupid child. When will you learn that I mean to sever anyone and anything who denies my authority? If you continue to resist me, I will find other means of curbing your disloyalty.” From behind her, the messenger yelled, “Don’t give in; freedom is at hand!” She turned and watched as the soldiers dragged him to the dungeon. Darnel gripped her chin, his fingers still wet with the old man’s blood. He turned her face back to him. “You are running out of time, Daughter. My patience with you wanes.” “Will you also feed me to the dragon, Master?” She spat. His fingers dug deeper into her jaw until she wanted to cry out. The messenger’s chants of freedom filled her heart and emboldened her to stand her ground. “I’ll not give you such an easy way out, my dear.” He shoved her away, then he strolled toward the castle with his governors following. The troll-man kept looking back over his shoulder at her, smirking. Princess reached a trembling hand into the inner pocket she’d sewn into all her skirts and pulled out a small golden disk which fit perfectly inside her sweaty palm. A tree was embossed on one side. The other had a flame surrounded by what might be a burst of light. Her medallion was similar to the messenger’s, yet his showed a horn. “For freedom!” he continued to chant from the dungeons. Suddenly, the sound of a loud smack brought complete silence from within. There wasn’t much time. She needed to hurry.

Physical Description

Body Features

She has curly red hair and brilliant golden brown eyes.

Physical quirks

Sometimes, when she's anxious or upset, her hands and chest will start to glow.

Special abilities

She is an Illuminate- a light caster

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Alyra was stolen from her family after being tricked by her uncle who sold her to a witch. The witch, Orelia Ogletree, after learning what her giftings were, took her to Lord Darnel who paid her nicely for the find.   Darnel kept Alyra, instead of destroying her as he normally did when he found an Illuminate. He had heard about a prophecy concerning one special Illuminate that would bring about his downfall. He figured that if he kept the girl under his control, then she'd never have a chance to ruin him.   Over time, he steals her memories and conveniences her that he is her father. When she is small, she easily accepts his story, but as she grows older and wiser, he had a more difficult time keeping her under control and finally ends up locking her in his prisons.   It is in Racah that our story starts.


Her tutoring came from instructors that Darnel hired to teach her. She knows about Racah, but little of the world outside of his mountain fortress.

Personality Characteristics


Alyra knows that she does not belong in Racah and Darnel is not her father. She has dreams of a man standing beside a grave. Of a city made of white, glittering stones. She remembers a beautiful woman who glowed.   She is intent on escaping the mountain fortress, somehow, and learning the truth about her origins.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

She is good with a bow and arrow (though she doesn't know it at first) and horrible handling any kind of swords or daggers.

Virtues & Personality perks

She is compassionate with creatures and those who are downtrodden.

Vices & Personality flaws

She's stubborn and untrusting.

Circumstances of Birth
Alyra was born in the hamlet of Belluvita, just outside of Aloblase. Her parents, Stephen and Mary were pleased that their second child was a girl with similar giftings as her Illuminate mother.
Biological Sex
Golden brown
Red and curly

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Cover image: by Castle Creations
Character Portrait image: by Castle Creations


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