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Welcome To Alburnium

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A land ruled by the Light King, Shaydon who dwells in the White City of Aloblase with his son, Prince Issah.   The land of Alburnium is divided into Provinces, each one ruled by an appointed Regent. The Provinces mainly serve King Shaydon, but many are falling into despair as outside influences, such as renegade wizards and mages are infiltrating the Provinces. Especially those who are not protected by the White Tree.   The cultures of Alburnium are broken down into the human race, the Curians, Logorians, Elderads and the creatures such as centaurs, faun, dwarves, and fae.   The stories from Alburnium started out with a series of six books in the White Road Chronicles when the land is divided between King Shaydon and an evil ruler, Lord Darnel. Now a new series, The Chronicles of Alburnium, is in the making where we go back in time to the age of Provinces.