The home-world of the Taurus is a world that rivals the Dryad Blessing in terms of untouched world but when the planet was enslaved by the Red Star Imperium the world became polluted leaving it dark and burnt. It took decades of terraforming with help of the Jade Empire to aid in re-growing the planet life.   The world wildlife was greatly reduced with only few of the original species surviving in untouched pockets of land. The Empire aided in bringing foreign wildlife without causing harm and would bring the world to a mostly normal state. The larges prairies around the planet encouraged the Taurus to return to their nomadic lifestyle that a generation had not experience.   The Taurus are one of the few races that don't allow mega structures, cities, or any modern structures on their planet. They have a few tech that aid in their nomadic lifestyle without causing any harm to their way of life. As such the Taurus have no governing body rather numerous tribes that live around the planet with certain places they often return to, to resupply. The The United Clan Federation has a governing position but more of a guard to ensure the Taurus lifestyle don't get disrupted by rude guests. The tribes from big or small on the planet follow certain wildlife of the world.   Tourists often come to the world to learn from the Taurus mostly those who wish to practice living outdoors or hunting skills. Compared to other low tech levels of other races. The Taurus are more proficient in teaching overall hunting/surviving skills.
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