The Mermaids were discovered by Ash sovereignty on the 1000th year of the U.G.C era in the Lake Nebula . The Mermaids were a developing race able to send long distance radio signals and satellites.   As per U.G.C Conference the race couldn't be monopolize or turned into vassals and such the after a few decades of introducing a new race to other Nations. The mermaids became the first independent race in thousands of years to become a space fairing race.   Their home-world is a water world with a few chains of Islands scattered throughout the surface. The mermaids have variants depending on how deep they live within their ocean planet. The Mermaids like some other races had a religious system but after finding other races among the stars their religious beliefs is rare among their kind.   The Mermaids have close ties to the Griffins as they were found by them and have grown to become close friends and the Cartographers as a majority wish to explore more than anything. Mermaids have learnt the history of the nations that still stand. They want to learn from them and grow into something new.


Major language groups and dialects

Common Etiquette rules

Mermaids tend to keep their hair tied up as not to sting others. When having guests or walking on the surface they will keep their hair in check as the sting can be quite painful.

Common Dress code

Mermaids tend to dress in one piece clothing covering their chest, waist, and arms as their grills and fins are located there. Its to serve some protection and to ensure nothing bothers their grills.

Art & Architecture

Being a sea race they have found a way to live with coral reefs without any environment impact. With new friends in the Jade Empire they have grown their knowledge of living with the environment.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Mermaids tend to use their hair to eat. In water they have more control of their hair as such can grab onto their meal and consume it without using their hands. It makes it so that smaller fishes won't steal their food in a nest of stinging hairs.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

When giving birth the newborn is place in a artificial bubble to allow child to breathe easier in the water without such a shock to the system. A system which has allowed a massive jump in birthrates.

Coming of Age Rites

When a child becomes 15 they have a trial of adulthood. Either by strength, speed, or mind. The tests differ between years.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When one passes of old age. A few scales are remove to been into a necklace which the family keeps as a heirloom.

Common Taboos

Don't cut their hair as its extremely painful and doesn't grow back without doing a painful process of re-growing.


Courtship Ideals

Mermaids having been in the depths of the ocean since their first recorded moment. The mermaids tend to gift items from other worlds cultures as they are still rare and unique in their young race. The more unique the item the more the item attracts.
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