The Age of war brought pain throughout the galaxy. Many races were killed or enslaved but the ones who had it the worst were the fairy and Pixie. They were toys in front of their masters some had status as expensive toys but their lives were worthless once they lost their value of being pretty.     When the Slave rebellion occurred they fought any way they could but no matter what they would lose thousands to win each a few dozen. They were weak and frail but the dead would be honor. The battle of 7 wing hopful stand machines of alien design appeared in their final moments.     The machines were a mere 10 against a legion but these 10 marched forward without fear but instead a cold stare of nothing. The 10 were set ablaze as they marched but immune to fire as their bodies turned to fire. The land around them turned to Ice freezing dozens with every step. Fast as the wind and strong as ground underneath them. These machines killed a legion using only 10. They saved the 7 wings to fight another day and reached this modern age filled with freedoms and liberty.    Elementals few in numbers but worth thousands as such a large unit of soldiers are placed beside one yet these elementals have a superior version that only the Council of 5 can move at will. Elementals are machines with no remorse or happiness just a mindset of accomplishing their mission. If one is meet use all to destroy it. If many are seen, run!
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