Dryad Blessing

The capital world of the Jade Empire and home world of the Elves. The Planet is a marvelous wonder of the Galaxy, The world is a the definition of health even in it vast cities the air is so clean that it been known to cure some lung health issues within a single breathe.   The world is covered in dense forests that only the elves would know how to navigate. The water so clear that large ships hovering above the planet can see themselves in the oceans reflections. If you have a powerful scope you could see yourself on the ocean reflection.      A single factor makes this world different then the other worlds the Empire has within its borders. A single tree reaches beyond the clouds and into the edge of space. The tree itself stands as capital city of the Jade Empire and the Throne and the Jade Emperor. The Mother Tree which has been standing for longer than the Emperor himself has been alive. The mother tree by The Creation of Elves is the reason that the elves exist.     Dryad blessing in it time has provide shade and life to the elves as they traveled the stars and during the fires of war. The 7 branches of the Jade Empire also got their name from the tree as 7 of the biggest branches of the tree cover most the city and planet. The world has been through much but still remains strong throughout it all and will continue to provide shade to future generations of elves and all races who which to rest underneath its branches.
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