Bone fairy

When fairies rebelled against their masters, they needed power. Fairies and pixies had different ideas to gain that power. Fairies wanted to augment themselves to face their former masters on the battlefield. The experiments were going well increase soldiers strength and speed but compared to their former masters they were still out match. They needed better results and fast. The 7 wings pressured by allies increase the experiments but the power they gain came at a heavy price.       Monsters forgotten deep within the fairy genetics code awoke. The experiment was a success as the one bone fairy consumed the entire science facility and nearby wild life. The project continued without hesitation and in greater force. Armies of these hunger monsters descended on their masters Red Star Imperium. They consumed all but what the fairies failed to test is that the stronger the foe, the stronger the bone fairies become. Bone fairies will grow more bodily weapons and tougher bone armor becoming resistant against certain fire arms. They are immune to toxins and can withstand hot or low temps. They have a powerful self healing ability able to repair most damage just by eating their attacker. Lastly, the older they become the more intelligent they become even nulling their hunger pains. No reports are shown to see how smart they truly are but it'll be a nightmare if one is as smart as modern fairy .           During the war if bone fairies weren't contained after battles. They were killed or left on the planet. After the war the Autonomous Union "misplaced" the planets they were left on or any reports regarding Bone Fairies during the war. They are scattered throughout the galaxy on remote worlds. They reproduce asexually and will form tribes if given enough numbers. You mustn't communicate with them if found. escape or a quick death is the only option.
Parent ethnicities

Cover image: by Toni Paunovic


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