Attunement is blessing and curse depending on who you are and your blood. Attunement is a effect deep within one body that can driven out in causes of extreme stress or focus. Attunement is in most races of the galaxy allowing those who can tap into it grow in strength, speed, and size.   The most frame case of this condition occurring is during the War of Survival  the fairies who were the weakest in terms of combat wanted to grow in size and strength to better aid the war effort. They used Red Star Imperium technology to become stronger but they delve to deep within their genetics and brought out monsters they never knew existed. In war, monsters are sometimes needed.    The act of Attunement is not for all as only a few can be able to become attuned within one self, but it comes with a risk. Either by poor mental state, condition, or other factors one can become a monster who only follows instinct but in good conditions it can be a blessing. Gorgons have tapped into this mindset the most becoming size of mountains while retaining their minds. They hold secrets only they can understand.

Transmission & Vectors

It can be passed down, attainted through genetic manipulation, or some cases through extremely stress. It can't be passed to others through any type of contact but this is not 100% as their no little to no data regarding this matter.


Cases differ from extremely stress, lab experiments, certain foods, etc.


It differ between causes sun elves are known to become more aggressive while fairies become a bottomless pit of hunger. The data shows that if one becomes attuned it is a quick process when changing but when if done through genetics the process is slow causing great pain as the body is forcibly changed.


No treatment exists


When one changes they are gone through strict training to control their new gifts as they have become a threat. A simple sneeze can burn homes in matter of seconds or cities have become a slaughter ground due to uncontrollable rage.    A attuned can only be contained on a far off world in order to not harm others but in some places they are used by some unkind forces. Attuned can bring great harm or become great heroes.


No accurate data is available

Affected Groups

newborns to the old, their is no cure to prevent it.


No date is Available

Cultural Reception

It differs from place to place but overall its a place of hate to those who are attuned as in their beliefs or history is a curse. Only a few places welcome them with open arms or treat them with kindness.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital

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