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Built in remembrance of the Glacial Knights' formation over a thousand years ago, Peytfel, or the Glacial Cradle as it was initially called, is located in Voyrmark far to the south, directly below Borealis.   Standing as a constant reminder of the pledge they dedicated themselves to, the growing cairn holds the lingering memory of thousands upon thousands of knights that have passed on after dying in service.

Purpose / Function

Whilst the godstones of dearly departed loved ones are often laid to rest at the Deoshenge, the recovered markers of fallen troops are instead brought here for ceremonies held to request safe passage of their souls into Yoljjuh.


Originally thought to have been caused by the winds, it was long ago revealed that godstones were being placed away from Peytfel leading towards the Forlskog. Foul play was never confirmed, although cult activity still remains suspected to this day as it is rumoured one has operated within the region over the centuries. Used to purify the stones before their inclusion on the pile, a pyre erected in front of the monument stopped these occurrences from happening again, allowing the sacred rite to remain so.


Simple yet practical: a common motif for the peoples of Kälran.   The waxing shrine is nothing more than godstones, a pyre infused with Raerite, and the runic sigils engraved into the rock surface below them.   Once a pathway led across borders over to Borealis, but through time the elements wore much of it away and snow now hides what remains.


Renamed in honour of General Bjöw Peytfel after his death near the end of the first great battle with the Kluuvachni Horde. He was the first commander of the united Glacial Knights' army, and led it through both many victories and defeats until what the stories say was a pivotal turning point against the enemy where he sacrificed himself to deal a significant blow.

Alternative Names
The Glacial Cradle
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Glacial Knights

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