Whilst Kälran as a whole is unwelcoming, one such place that is very much so is the Forlskog, or Dread's Domain in the tales.   Dividing Huldan and Voyrmark almost completely from each other, the enormous and dense taiga is largely unexplored. Few have stepped into the great forest and made it back out alive, and those that do end up driven insane. Neither the Glacial Knights nor the Kluuvachni Horde will lay claim to the region, believing it to be under Nuo's reign.


Thick brush and towering trees fill the entirety of the weald, with each row obscuring vision of the next, and then the next. An unnatural blue mist covers the snow and soil under foot, reaching knee-high in length and obscuring the bones of those foolish enough to tread here. No living soul has knowledge of the sights beyond, and concern has arisen over the fact of its slow expansion in the past several hundred years.

Fauna & Flora

No sane creatures are known to reside within the Forlskog due to the terrifying effects left on the mind.   Rumour has it that apparitions haunt the wildwood, playing games with the weak-willed before eventually possessing them to perform unspeakable horrors. Called the Bubkyd they are said to resemble horned shadows with crimson eyes given physical form. Skulking throughout they roar diabolical cackles, whisper subtle sorrows, sing and whistle eerie tunes, and grant ghastly visions of loved ones suffering. Most claim not to have seen them, or suspect it to be merely tricks of the mind, despite this the Bubkyd however are a popular legend used to scare children in numerous bedtime stories.

Natural Resources

Nobody has ever dared to take from the Forlskog for fear of bringing catastrophe to all they hold dear, but it is believed Nuo must be keeping a secret of some significant value rooted inside, allowing no risks to cause Him to lose power over it.

Alternative Name(s)
Dread's Domain
Location under
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