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Worldember 2020 Homework 1: Pledge Document


(11/21/20) Over the last few months, I have been having difficulty working on Wasteland of Ohm. My desire to build this setting however is still very strong, and something I want to try and make a priority in my life before I succumb to author existence failure by sheer laziness. At this rate, I will never become a successful writer without putting forth the effort, so I'm setting a goal to partake in Worldember 2020 and write 10000 words by the end of December.  

Focus of Worldember 2020

Due to the current state of the setting, many of the articles will be primarily focused on building up critical documentation of the setting as a whole. This includes the settings magic system Ontologite, as well as the major factions and locations of the setting. Below will be a listing of the articles, and their intended focuses. As well as links to their stubs. These will be crossed off as they are completed. This listing will most likely be completed long after Worldember is complete.  

Factions & Locations

  • Copper Mount Militia
  • We of the Sand
  • Fields Union
  • Gangs of Minerva
  • Up & Coming Factions
  • Businesses in the Wastes
  • Corporations of the Forgotten World
  • Plenumia
  • Wheat Fields
  • United High Desert

Ontologite & Magic

  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • White
  • Black
  • Infusions


  • Averine(Birds)
  • Urrock(Bears)
  • Angtor(Eels)
  • Kri Deamos (The narrator's profile!)
  • Eel Deal Shopping Catalog (Awoken made equipment)
  • Kri's Artifact Listing (Forgotten era equipment)
  • HSU Tactical Manual (Mech list, and basic info)
  • Kri's Guide to Vehicles (Awoken Era Vehicles)

What Next?

On top of the various articles needing completion to truly round out the setting, and complete Worldember. I'm also hoping to complete several other tasks relating to the layout and presentation of the setting. This will help me establish a list of what needs to be accomplished.
  1. I need to rewrite the introduction to the Wasteland of Ohm page. As much as The Great Awakening is important to the setting, it fails to really explain the setting as a whole. It also fails to introduce the perspective the world is written from.
  2. Sort all materials into three major categories, presented as books. The first being Kri's. This will be written from her perspective and contain articles related to Wasteland of Ohm's present and theories on its history. The second being the Scrapbook, a collection of forgotten era texts, the writings of others, and any collected documents. This will have Kri's writing in the margins and will contain a hodgepodge of scientific documentation and technical manuals. The final book is not something in-universe, rather a setting bible for articles related to Wasteland of Ohm on a metatextual level.
  3. I need to add art to much of the articles and world. I have failed to progress as an artist over the last six months I have been trying to actively learn the skill by completing work. I am so sorry for the horrible pleague of images I will unleash. Prepare your anus for firth grade looking art.


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