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Deputy Owlkit, Owlpaw, Owlfright

A river clan Tom

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He has an injury from when he was a kit on his side that never fully healed and limits some of his movement.

Body Features

He has short, sleek fur and is unusually small for his age. That combined with the long visible scar on his flank leads many to underestimate him.

Identifying Characteristics

He has a long scar that runs down his right flank

Physical quirks

He has a stiff, awkward gait and when he’s sitting he curls around his right side

Special abilities

He blends in really well in shadows and darkness. It goes past his coat color too, since he can blend still in better than cats with dark fur like his.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

See timeline


His mentor was Leopardstar due to the insistence of his mother, Mistystar (partly AU).

Failures & Embarrassments

Once he told Leopardstar some information to relay to the clans at a gathering. When some cats in the crowd started asking questions that she didn't know she called Owlpaw up to tell them himself. He was so nervous that he could barely manage a squeak- let alone, answer any of their questions. They got more and more agitated that their questions remained unanswered and started to yell and jeer from the audience. Leopardstar soon came up and smoothed everything over, but Owlpaw was so embarrassed and terrified from speaking he avoided gatherings whenever he could.

Personality Characteristics


He wants to be the best warrior ever. He is driven by a desire to gain acceptance from his peers and keep everyone happy.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He is good at hunting because of his natural camouflage, He isn’t very good at fishing though as he tends to be clumsy underwater and scare the fish.

Likes & Dislikes

He loves birds and land prey MUCH better than fish. Many of his friends jokingly tease him about being more thunderclan than riverclan.

Virtues & Personality perks

He is very dedicated to those close to him and is loyal to the end. He is also very understanding and tries to be there for them.

Vices & Personality flaws

He does not know how to say no and can be easily manipulated into things. He tries to do everything and often neglects himself and becomes overwhelmed by it all.

Personality Quirks

He often doesn’t realize that when he’s purring and purrs at the weirdest times.


He has an unkept pelt that he never has time to groom. When it is groomed it is naturally glossy like many of the other riverclan cats.


Religious Views

He is distrusting of Starclan. He believes in them, but he has lost trust in them if not openly scorning them.

Social Aptitude

He is friendly when greeting new cats. However, after greeting them he will soon retreat to be by himself because that's the extent of his socialness with strangers. It takes much longer for him to accept someone as a close friend. He is not very comfortable around large groups of cats and this uncomfortableness becomes so much worse when the attention is on him or he has to speak in front of them. If he has to speak in front of large groups he often starts shaking, sometimes his voice gets high and he will stumble over words or lose his train of thought.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Deputy of Riverclan
Circumstances of Birth
After birth the current medicine cat apprentice had a vision from StarClan saying that a kit with a pelt like night would be born and would destroy the clan
Riverclan nursery
Current Residence
Large yellow eyes kind of like of an owl’s gaze
Black, short and sleek

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