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The Metaphysical Plane

On top of the world

The metaphysical plane is the highest plane in the universe. It is split into four sections: The Scalding Depths at the bottom, The Infinite Skyscape at the top, The Shifting Wilds in the middle, and most recently, The Clockwork Empire, shoved in there sort of haphazardly.   As the highest plane, the metaphysical plane contains tons more Mana compared to the material plane. This is due to being at the top of The Arcanum Circular.  

Metaphysical Beings

  Denizens of the metaphysical plane are referred to as metaphysical beings. They have much higher mana capacities than humans, and require much more mana to even survive. They cannot exist in the material plane, except right next to rifts, and even then, not for very long. In contrast to humans, all metaphysical beings are born with open cores, and are capable of having compound aspects as their natural aspects. Additionally, many entire races of metaphysical beings all share the same natural aspect.

Alternative Name(s)
The upper plane; the higher plane; many religious names
Dimensional plane

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