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Shadow-walk is a complex shadow spell that allows the user to merge into and move through shadows.


This spell is cast on the user, and allows them to melt into and swim through shadows. Their movement and presence is entirely undetectable through physical means while submerged, and they can move much faster than normal.

Side/Secondary Effects

    • Vision is darkened during use, as if wearing sunglasses.
    • User is defenseless while submerged, though it is difficult to tell where exactly they are, and thus hard to hit them.
  • The bodiless feeling that comes with the spell can be disorienting, and can potentially cause nausea.
  • Manifestation

    It feels as though your body is being flattened against the ground, and you're swimming around though sheer force of will without any limbs to control. The user also cannot smell or taste anything, and has to focus in order to hear.

    Gestures & Ritual
    Shadow magic must be channeled throughout the body, with a concentration where the user is touching the shadow they wish to phase into. Once the mana is shaped, the body will lose form and be sucked into the shadow at the point of contact. The user must continue channeling shadow magic throughout the body for continued use, and can stop at any point to cancel the spell.
    Related School
    Related Element
    Effect Duration
    Applied Restriction
    The user must be touching shadow in order to initiate the spell. If the shadow the user is in is destroyed or moved off of them, then the spell will break and they will be forcefully ejected from the shadow.

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