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Managlass is an advanced light spell that concentrates mana into a strong physical form, referred to as managlass. Managlass is especially conductive of magic, and is often used to create weaponry through which other spells can be channeled.


A single casting of managlass will produce a single, connected piece in any geometrically possible shape and size, permitted that enough mana is channeled to produce the amount desired, and there is enough physical space to accommodate the conjuring. The durability of managlass is directly porportional to the density of mana concentrated into it; the same amount of mana could create a large, flimsy broadsword, or a small, sturdy dagger.

Side/Secondary Effects

Managlass is very magically conductive. Managlass implements held by spellcasters can be used as alternative points of focus for casting many spells, such as Amelia casting holy fire through the tip of her managlass spear. Managlass can also function as a mana battery, though not as powerful as the ones that artificers typically make. The Celestial Order likes to use handcuffs of managlass charged with the counter aspect as the prisoner's core in order to prevent them channeling magic.


Managlass appears as white-tinted glass, and gives off white light. When charged with other aspects, it will take on their natural color.

Gestures & Ritual
Light magic can be channeled through any focal point of the body and into the environment, where it will take the shape and size of the piece of managlass one wishes to produce.
Related Discipline
Related Element
Effect Duration
Casts instantaneously, and produces managlass, a solid material which lasts untill dispelled or destroyed.
Applied Restriction
Cannot be cast in complete darkness. There must be sufficient space for the managlass one wishes to produce.

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