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Ironskin is a complex Earth spell in which the user covers their body in a layer of metal armor. It is harder to manipulate but more durable than its advanced counterpart, Stoneskin.


Iron armor about half an inch thick will manifest around the user, protecting them from harm. This armor must be actively manipulated to allow for movement, though the process is more intuitive than you might think. More adept casters can actually move faster than normal and jump higher than normal by moving the metal with their magic, and having the it push their bodies along, though this takes extra mana.


The summoned armor is usually rough, just a bunch of raw metal. However, with a few extra thoughts during shaping, a more practiced caster could make it resemble a traditional suit of armor, or something else entirely.
Gestures & Ritual
Earth mana must be channeled across the entirety of the skin before being shaped.
Related School
Manifestation, manipulation
Related Element
Effect Duration
Until despell. Moving around costs mana, but keeping the spell active does not.
Applied Restriction
The user cannot be wearing obtrusive clothing such as backpacks, large hats, etc. Eveything must be pressed flat against the body within the metal.

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