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Charmspeak is a basic hex spell that enchants the caster's words, making the target of the spell more sympathetic to the caster's will.


Charmspeak will subtly affect the thoughts of the target to be more sympathetic to the caster. If the target would already be willing to do as the caster says, then they will become eager; if they are indifferent, they will likely comply; if they are on the fence, they may be more easily swayed by traditional argument; but if they are completely against the caster's goal, the spell will likely have no effect.

Side/Secondary Effects

As charmspeak targets the cracks in a being's core, if too much mana is channeled into the spell, the target will become aware that the caster is using magic on them. This often results in the target becoming more resistant to carry out the caster's wishes, causing the spell to fail. As such, charmspeak is best used in small doses to embolden a command without anyone being able to detect it.   That said, a powerful enough burst of mana, or casting against a fully opened core, could sway even a target who knows what is being cast on them, if but for a second or two. Commands such as 'stop' can work well for such a plan.


The enchanted words will sound perfectly clear to the caster and the target, and will echo slightly in the caster's head.

Gestures & Ritual
Hex magic must be channeled into the mouth, and then shaped at the same time the caster speaks.
Related School
Related Element
Effect Duration
Starts taking effect after the caster is finished talking, and sways the target's thoughts for a few seconds. Those few seconds go a long way, though.

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