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Supply Depot Gamma 29

Regimental command has assigned the characters’ battalion to a supply depot located near the front lines as their primary base of operations. The depot is reasonably well equipped and defended, but Ork forces have launched regular attacks against it, which has begun to deplete its resources. While their primary mission is to assist in the defence of the base, they are also expected to engage in assignments to cleanse the xenos encroachment, so that the stalemate can finally be broken.
In addition to the characters, there is a single light infantry battalion of the 4th Brontian Longknives assigned to the base. That unit has suffered heavy casualties over the course of their deployment. The entire unit consists of only four platoons and a few additional support elements. Many of the defenders are walking wounded. Most of the veteran Guardsmen that the characters see wear stained bandages, casts, or cybernetic limb replacements. Their uniforms are well worn and often ragged or stained, suggestive of a unit active in a warzone for a sustained period.
About twenty-five members of Skrynne’s garrison soldiers are also assigned to the base. These troopers are distinguished by their armour composed of native hides and the autoguns that they carry at all times. The garrison soldiers wear a haunted expression, which contrasts sharply with the grim determination of the Longknives Guardsmen. It is clear that these natives realise that their world has been lost. They recognise the newcomers as their hope for salvation, but they also acknowledge that the Skrynne they knew can never be restored.
In spite of brutalities of war, morale is surprisingly good. Unless the characters have done things to betray the veterans’ expectations, they are upbeat about their chances against the Orks, now that reinforcements have arrived. This jovial mood is reflected in the sharing of vices as well. If the characters performed adequately in defending against the earlier attack, word has spread and the veterans are willing to share whatever small luxuries they have with the newcomers. Even if the characters performed poorly, some of the senior NCOs may approach them to offer friendly advice for how best to survive in this particular warzone.
Due to their ongoing casualties, the supply depot is better equipped than might otherwise be expected. The characters receive a +10 bonus to any Logistics checks for gear of Average or better Availability.
Military, Base

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