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The Daemoncorp

The Daemoncorp is Galvanoth's personal regiment of guardsmen. They are well-trained, battle-hardened, extremely disciplined, and probably insane. The group is made up of five teams: Alpha Response, Beta Response, Gamma Response, Corp Deployment, and Delta Response. Each of these from Gamma and below has sub-teams that vary based on what is needed.   Each individual is mainly equipped well for hunting daemons, though they can be used for combating other threats such as xenos and rogue factions. However, Lord Inquisitor Galvanoth will refuse to deploy his actual force to combat these threats; he simply cannot spare the bodies for anything other than daemon slaying.   The overall attitude for the Daemoncorp is a sort of grim determination. They are an oblationist faction lead by perhaps one of the most polarizing people in the inquisition: Lord Inquisitor Galvanoth. There are plenty of members that know they are damned for their knowledge, their actions, or their inaction. Knowing this, however, has only strengthened their determination. They may be damned, but they will fight to ensure that no others be damned. They shoulder the burden of having to fight the galaxy's greatest threats while being condemned by so many for it.


The Daemoncorp is structured on a fairly strict hierarchy.   At the top if the Alpha Team, whom is lead by Lord Inquisitor Galvanoth. This is his personal cadre who has killed many daemons alongside him as well as other threats. Consists of Galvanoth, Kathrin, 6, and Luther.   Second is Beta Team. These are the leaders of the Daemon Corp. They are headed by Commander Hob. Consists of Commander Hob, Techpriest Edna, Bullgryn Tiny, Commissar Zephyr, and Operator Aubrey. Each of them is well-specialized and more than slightly insane.   Third is Gamma Team which is divided up into two sections: Throne Agents and Grey Knights. Throne agents are typically deployed whenever there is some amount of subtlety needed and finesse. These are the agents who have made it to ascension. The most notable of these are The Valkyries,a group of all-female throne agents whom have served Galvanoth and his crew for decades. Not much is known about the Grey Knights whom Galvanoth calls upon and for good reason. The less that is known, the better.   Fourth is Corp Deployment. These are the elite guardsmen that Alpha or Beta team have trained. They are the best of the best from all sorts of guardsmen organizations, offered to join the daemon corp for doing well. Roughly 30% are Sin Eaters. Armed with hellguns and evicerators. Each can take down a daemonette with not too many issues.   Fifth is Delta Team. These are training throne agents whom are deployed when stealth is needed but priority is not considered at beta level or higher. They may be considered fifth but they are on-par in terms of heirarchy with the main corp. They are various men and women who have either been collected by other members of the Daemoncorp, Ordo Malleus, or Galvanoth himself.

Public Agenda

Destruction of all daemons galaxy wide. (Wait did anyone tell them that's near impossible?)


A battle cruiser that transports the Daemoncorp, two baneblades, a few leman russ tanks, a small amount of supporting voidships, several outposts on several worlds for corp member training.

The damned go down fighting.

Military, Army
Alternative Names
Heralds of the Damned, The Stained Army, The Dark Bastion, Those crazy bastards.
Subsidiary Organizations

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