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Alpha Team

Galvanoth's personal Cadre. These are the best of the best of the Daemoncorp and its founding members. Deployed only whenever all-out war is needed or whenever there are enough greater daemons.   Evidently cursed to never go more than 2 months without nuking something or doing something equivocally destructive (for example calling in the Grey Knights to help them fight on planet.) If they are called in they will absolutely not stand back. Usually fights over who kills the most daemons.


Lord Inquisitor Galvanoth Raltas. An alpha-level psyker who only knows how to lift things. Prefers to use his inferno pistols Archie and Church II. Was made an inquisitor because other inquisitors feared him. Khorne hates him more than the other ruinous powers.   Sister Kathrin A sororitas who has been modified via implants to give her increased strength, although it does show through her skin a bit. She is a blank and was previously apart of The Sisters of Silence whom assigned her to keep an eye on Galvanoth. She reports in on a yearly basis. Her weapon of choice is her sanctified chainfist. She is the right hand of Galvanoth. Tzneetch hates her.   A Vindicare Assassin who is never seen. Referred to as "6" A sharpshooter who has stuck with Galvanoth for quite some time. He always has him in his crosshairs in case the inquisitor goes rogue. That being said he prefers to take out targets from long range and is near invisible at all times. Uses a vindicare rifle. Always shoots first. Nurgle hates him.   Magos Luther The oldest member of Alpha Team. Him and Galvanoth were trained together and were the only two members to survive being field agents for so long. A very high ranking member of the Mechanicus. Uses mainly his axe but he has been known to hook up an auto-cannon or two. Slaanesh hates him.

Ah shit here we go again.

Military Order
Alternative Names
Watchers of the Damned, Enemies of the Ruinous Powers, The Emperor's Harbingers.
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
The Daemoncorp

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