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20th Seraphim Regulars

The 20th Seraphim Regulars are a sister unit to the Daemon Corps. They are a unique fusion of Ecclesiarchy recruits and funding as well as Astra Militarum training and leadership. The unit are the preferred military force by members of the church for when the more elite space marines and sisters of battle are not available. Their armor, weapons, and vehicles have a primarily cotton white coloration with accents of gold.  


The leadership of the Frateris Praetorians is primarily St. Garm the Crimson, who often acts on his divine, if tenuous, link to the God Emperor of Mankind.   Beneath Garm is the multitude of senior officers and enlisted personnel whom take on the the brunt of the tactical details of whatever guidance Garm has received. Of note, his heads of staff include The leading Commissar (of the School of the Heart), The Head Priest (of the School of the Head and liaison to the Ecclesiarchy), his Lt. General (of the School of the Head), and the Chief Infantryman (of the School of the Hand).   There are three schools for each Praetorian may be placed into, The Hand, The Heart, and The Head. The hand are the standard troopers whom make up the vast majority of the forces available to deploy. The heart are specialists whom have a deep passion across one of many different fields. The Head make up all of the officer ranks within the unit.¬†All schools are equipped with their choice of a lasrifle or a pump action shotgun, and standard guardsmen flak armor (in the units colors), as well as a small survival kit including three days of rations, a small water purifier (enough to supplement a single ration of water to last all day for a single man) and religious iconography that is supposed to be broken down into different tools important for signaling and collecting food. The Hand are made up of individuals who have shown a certain zeal for melee and may be equipped with a chain sword or another appropriate melee weapon should a chain sword not be available. The heart contains individuals who have a burning passion within them and are equipped with their preference of a flamer with a backpack supply or a hand flamer. The Head is made up of individual who show an enhanced level of faith over all their peers (mechanically this means unshakable or pure faith.) Those in the Head replace their arms and armor with their choice of a dual hell pistols, or combat shotgun, or power sword (or force sword if appropriate) and hell pistol, or plasma rifle, as well as having light enforcer carapace armor.   Only individuals in the Head school may rise to the higher ranks. Once an individual reaches the rank of corporal (or specialist) their only hope of advancement is to be transferred over to the Daemon corps for 5 years and survive. At the end of their term they are given a leadership position. The Hand and the Heart return to senior position in the 20th Seraphim Regulars after their training there ends, except by special request by Inquisitor Galvanoth should he or she show a particular ability to kill daemons.  

Public Agenda

To Further the goals of The Emperor of Mankind and protect Humanity from the foulest forces imaginable.  


1 Lunar Cruiser and supporting fleet, 1 dozen Sentinel Walkers, 2 Leman Russ tanks, 1 Shrine World Main Base where primary recruitment and training are done

Tools of the Emperors Will

Military, Army
Alternative Names
Frateris Praetorians, Saint Blessed troopers, the Irregulars, The Pilgrim Army
Praetorian (unisex)
St. Garm the Crimson

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