Mon, Dec 20th 2021 10:37   Edited on Sat, Jan 1st 2022 06:12

Wendell What Was Your Turning Point?

Wendall do you recall what was a turning point in the early days after receiving the gem? When you relieved you needed to make big changes for the sake of those who could not defend themselves.
Tue, Dec 21st 2021 08:05

Can't believe I'm doing this. I'm NOT supposed to BE here...   The way I grew up whispered 'change' to me, Greylion. I'm no hero--not by any stretch of the imagination, but I've always wanted to be one.   Or learn how to become one.   But if you mean that moment when I knew I had to get involved--to stretch beyond what I'd experienced up to that would have been that meeting with the Iskari High Council. Looking around at all their faces--the moment after the High Elder offered my life back to me.   It was right then, knowing that these people were willing to let me go and suffer the consequences for making bad choices up to that point. To have some basic idea of what kind of trouble these people were in--especially after what happened to Kyliene--and I was the one holding their 'weapon'.   I couldn't just want away. It...was wrong.   But the other side of me--the part that wanted to barf on the floor--was knowing I didn't have a clue how to fight.   Goodness Greylion, I have an anxiety attack when I get the wrong food at a restaurant, because I don't want to have the confrontation to ask thr waitress to take it back and fix it. Which meant I would have to be trained.   Yeah, big changes.   You can't let people suffer when you have the option to do something about it. That would just make me evil.   ...and there are a lot of things you could call me and probably be right, but 'evil' isn't one of them.
Mon, Dec 27th 2021 04:24

Wendell, I appreciate you wanting to make the effort to participate in these conversations--but you are the ONE person who doesn't have time for these things right now.   You have things to DO--like saving the world.
Mon, Dec 27th 2021 04:28

Sorry, Jaime.   Not trying to rebel or anything like that--I just wanted to help.   It can get pretty lonely sometimes, and I thought it would be nice to participate.   I'm waiting on Chuck for a lesson--and Höbin was visiting.   So I borrowed his laptop.
Mon, Dec 27th 2021 04:30

I get it--that's fine. I'm not mad or anything--this is just getting out of hand for me, all this organizing and keeping track of who is doing what, for what reason, and what time.   It's a bit much for me right now.   If you have the time and the opportunity, I don't want to keep you from interacting.   Just give me your word that you'll make your mantle responsibilities the priorities--NOT interacting here.   Can you promise me that?
Mon, Dec 27th 2021 04:30

Absolutely!   Thanks so much, Jaime.
Mon, Dec 27th 2021 04:31

You're welcome.   I'm off to work now.   You stay safe.
Sat, Jan 1st 2022 06:12

Jaime and Wendell thank you for taking the time to chat with me. And Wendell thank you for standing the line between us and the dangers out there.
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