The Vow of Morgundö

"Wo unto all those that discomfort my people, and drive, and murder, and testify against them…their hearts are corrupted, and the things which they are willing to bring upon others, and love to have others suffer.   Mine eyes see and know their works, and I am sent in swift judgment in the season thereof for them all; And not many years hence, they and their posterity shall be swept from under heaven, that not one of them is left to stand by the wall.   This generation of vipers shall not escape the hell to which my blade shall send them. For I am sent to come upon them to the very uttermost; That they may be disappointed, and their hopes may be cut off…for none shall escape.   They cannot hide nor can they run. For I am given to see as I am seen, and to know the darkness from the light, and by my blade and arm shall they be divided. It had been better for them that a millstone had been hanged about their necks, and they drowned in the depth of the sea.   For there is a time appointed for every man, according as his works shall be.”


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