Seeing Double

NOTE: This is my pathetic attempt at a one shot adventure. It's a limping, struggling, work in progress...cause I need to learn from more creative people than myself. To apply for that job, just leave me a comment below and include a link to your impressive one-shot, so I can find hope and become inspired...please.
All they wanted was to go home…

Key Magical Items in Adventure

Pendant of the Blind
- allows the wearer to vanish from life. They cannot be found unless they so desire, even by magical means. It hides their very essence — the cost being it uses the magical potential of the individual to power its functions.
Chains of Wrest
- a device of torture and control, seated during the war with Mahan, to control captive mägo and to use their abilities for the good of the people. Force and magic cannot be used against the owner, and those chained ar compelled through pain to do the bidding of the owner.
The chains cannot be unlocked but by a key held by the owner. Should the owner die, the chains will remain forever, bound to the captive.
The Blade of Ethos
- magnifies the character, essence and abilities of the wielder. This includes skills, knowledge, intelligence, charisma, etc. The Blade was crafted in the dark wars against Mahan, and was shattered in combat with one of the High Kings nobles.

NPC Characters

"Koko" = whole, complete.
Twins, 20 years of age.


  • female, blind, known as a ‘weaver’ by mägo, which is the rare talent to feel the essence of the intelligences around and through objects, and can touch that force, pull it, shift it, and even channel it from one location to another. This is a key talent to take the essence of a spell, person, power, and place that within an object.
  • Shiru

  • male, deaf, known as a ‘shaper’, with the uncanny ability to make objects of exquisite quality. This includes blacksmithing, sculpture, jewelry craft, wood carving, masonry, and even the shaping of glass. His connection with his sister, Imi, allows them both to enchant and imbue the objects crafted with the essence his sister can connect to. The result is the innate ability to craft brilliant and unique artifacts and magical objects for others to use.
  • The Setup

    You have been summoned by the Head Master of the University of Magic. The setting is private and strained, the Head Master, H. M Fumblestore hesitates, motioning to a table surrounded by comfortable and ornate chairs.   “Never in all the days of my administration would I have believed something of this nature would come to pass. Now I find myself having to call upon individuals to correct our lack discipline and forethought.”   He explains of a break-in to the Chamber of Artifacts. During one of the Universities test sessions, requiring the whole of the student body to attend, this break-in occurred, resulting in three powerful artifacts stollen.
    1. The Pendant of the Blind;
    2. Chains of Wrest, and;
    3. The Blade of Ethos.
    [Explain the abilities of each of the items to the players]
    “What’s worse, is that the Steward of Artifacts was also kidnapped. There was a great deal of blood at the scene, all of it belonging to Professor Nadeau.”   Fumblestore gives the players insight concerning Nadeau. He’s a mouse of a man, completely enthralled with history, archeology, and was placed as steward of the artifacts due to keep the retrieved items perfectly categorized and contained.  


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    4 May, 2023 04:48

    I make no claims to be one of these mythical "more creative people" that you seek, but this seems like a fun setup for either an investigative one-shot, or a full blown campaign. Mine is in a similar state of needing fleshing out and expanding upon, because somehow April just seemed to fly by at faster than the standard 1 second per second.

    Feel free to stop by my Adventure April article and use any encounters in your own games as needed.  
    A Favor for the Fae Queen
    Plot | May 6, 2023
    4 May, 2023 14:21

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Perfectly put. So far this year, April moved behind my vision, and I misplaced 28 days somewhere...   I was hoping to write a mystery type setup. The story is clear in my mind, and it utilizes some characters in my world, so I have my note, which I worked on through the month -- but moving to a new home sucked all my time.   *sigh*   To be clear, I'd really like to create a one-shot, but now I'm wondering if I'm too long-winded to accomplish that seemingly simple goal?   Thank you for noticing, DrunkenPanda951.
    I appreciate not feeling like a failure when Time Lords took over last month.

    Your New Author Friend =)
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