Fame. Fortune.
Thrown into the City incinerator.


Wendell’s chance at the title was always a long shot.   Since then he’s been on TV, Radio and even has the attention of The Church.   Fact is, he’s more popular than ever.   So why are people trying to kill him?   (It’s the cheesy goatee, isn’t it.)

Second Chances is book five in the CHRONICLES OF A HERO series, by Jaime Buckley.   Laugh, cheer and bite your nails as this epic fantasy takes you on a crazy ride, twisting down ramps and out a back window!   Pick up a copy today!   You can buy the book now in digital or print through Amazon (print) or your favorite online retailer.

Product details

Print Length:

231 pages


On the Fly Publications; 1 edition (January 27, 2015)

Publication Date:

January 27, 2015



Age Level:


What Readers Are Saying:

"After Trench Wars, this series has taken some intense roller-coaster ride ups and downs (all positive in my opinion, but can put your stomach in knots of suspense!) The intricate feuds between nations shows the real world building techniques of Jaime Buckley that my family has learned to love, and we are so close to the finish. I bet it will be awesome!"
"Wendell is turning out to be a hero on many levels--affecting the world around him through something we often forget--our own unique relationships with people.   Crazy."
— Daniel


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