A loud laugh and bold perspective are what you'll find with the leader of the Gypsies. Iyl-Tandril is quick to forgive an accident or mistake, but betrayal is a most serious offense, especially those who seek solace within The Black Market.   The Näe (head) will forever turn from a traitor--no matter who it is. For the Gypsy is about family.   Those who show loyalty and kindness to his people, especially when a threat of danger exists, will find an extended hand of a true friend.   Tandril will not interfere with the choice of another, for agency is a core belief of his people. He only asks men to listen to 'the whisper of life' when they have an heir to carry on their name.   A good man, Tandril works side by side with his people, laboring with his own hands to set an example. There is no pride to be found in him. Humble, meek, and strong on principle.
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Iyl-Tandril was first mentioned in the book Race to Til-Thorin.

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