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Isaac Inkwell

Prodigy. Rebel. Mystic Cartographer.

Intelligent, clever, gifted. Isaac Inkwell had all the privilege a gnome youth could hope for. Son of the famous political writer Brim Inkwell, no door remained closed for long.   Yet with all the opportunities before him, Isaac chose his own path.
... regardless of the leashes placed upon him.

Personal History

Even from a young age, great things were expected of Isaac. At the first sign of intelligence, Brim Inkwell encouraged his only son to walk in his footsteps. Paper and ink were always on hand. Reading, writing and public speaking became a daily regiment.   At age six, Isaac was tested and admitted into the exclusive Sheen Academy in the Government District of Clockworks City, setting the school record on his entry exam. The only problem was, Isaac preferred to draw, rather than study.   As a teen, he ran with the wealthy rebel crowd, often seeking cheap thrills. Sneaking down to the Manufacturing District, exploring abandoned warehouses and condemned structures was a frequent excursion. He often made rough sketches--pencil or crude ink drawings of where he'd been, multiple escape routes detailed to avoid the authorities.   Fearful that Isaac would be negatively influenced, his parents sent him to live for a time with his grandfather. As head of the Pipefitter Guild in Clockworks City, Dagmon Tumbledow put Isaac to work. It was here the boy's attention to detail (and his amazing power of recall) blossomed.   Isaac soon memorized the underground network of pipes in their entirety--vast aqueducts workers had to navigate, often timing their paths between bursts of flame, water, and sewage through the pipes.
When it was discovered that Isaac could navigate the pipes faster than seasoned workers using their electronic pads, he was confronted. Isaac produced his detailed maps, neatly folded and tucked in his uniform pocket. This led to his very first commission--to create an official map to be used by the guild. The completed map was printed and given to every worker.   It saved more than 120 lives in the first year.

A Latent Talent is Discovered

When word of his exploits reached Brim, Isaac was carted off to serve as personal scribe to Bixby Scrumbletoe in his basement office of Clockworks Academy. Pulling strings at the capitol ensured Isaac would be kept out of sight while being forced to practice his writing skills.   Both Bixby and Isaac had been gone over a week before Brim learned the Techno-Mägo professor had been sent to appeal to the University of Magic on behalf of the Gentre race.   Isaac was found to have latent magical talent. Fearful of his father's wrath, he hid this knowledge from his family. Instead, he labored diligently while abroad to master anything shared in the art of 'External', one of the Seven Disciplines of Magic. Offering his exceptional talents as a scribe, Isaac endeared himself to many University Professors. In turn, he was instructed in various skills: chemistry, biology and 'linking'...a specific talent used by mägo while training and tracking animals.   This, mixed with his growing passion for cartography solidified Isaac's true calling to become one of the greatest map-makers of all time.   ...and force him into hiding.
Isaac Inkwell


44 yrs


Ash Brown


Short, brunette with streaks of grey


2’ 11”




Isaac has the strength, stamina, and agility of a Gentre species that engages in occasional physical exercise. Though his skill set is a sedentary one, he does spend a good portion of his time outdoors. He has healthy eating habits and smokes several bowls of Kerdum Weed while working over maps  
"Isaac was one of the most respectful and attentive students I've had the pleasure of instructing. Though I fear he will never aspire to the heights of refined magic--his considerable technical knowledge will certainly prove to be an asset in his professional career choice."
— Ricot Senat
Current Location
For the safety of Clockworks Citizens, and after careful deliberation with Techno-Mägo specialists, I am hereby banishing the scribe Isaac Inkwell, sone of Brim Inkwell from Clockworks City and the continent of Pävärios for life, without apeal.   I do this by Executive Order 747 as President of Clockworks.  
~ President Yomax
The University of Magic will neither deny nor confirm the extraciricular activities of the Gentre known as Isaac Inkwell.   Mr. Inkwell, through skilled in a surprising number of disciplines, was never an official student of this University. He is recognized as the scribe of the Techno-Mägo Bixby Scrumbletoe.   Those who may question both the whereabouts of Mr. Inkwell...and what he has discovered while engaged as a scribe on school grounds, will have to contact Scrumbletoe.   Respectfully.
Belinda Abercromby
General Administration
Isaac is a good gnome and I enjoy working with him--but it's been near impossible to unveil the truth behind his retreat to The Black Market. Even more puzzling is his relationship to the Gypsy people.   Why do the guards pay a gnome such respect? How is it that Inkwell can roam the Market in greater safety than the rest of us?   ...and who are his true clientele?   That shop has to have some hidden secrets--cause you don't make that much coin by scribbling locations on a piece of paper!   NOTE TO SELF: Solve this puzzle.


Isaac Inkwell was inspired by artist, author and exceptional cartographer Isaac Stewart.   When he's not traveling the globe, living in Germany or making mind-blowing maps as the art director for Brandon Sanderson, Isaac enjoys being an exceptional father, husband, and all-around classy guy.   You can learn more about Isaac and see some incredible hand-drawn maps on his website: or follow him over on Instagram @izykstewart   Thank You, Isaac, for being a hero people can emulate.


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