Bloody Screams. Enchanted Wolves. Shadows Trying to Kill You.
  Now mix in a terrified teen.


Finally home and safe from psychotic Noah, one’d think Wendell deserves a moment’s rest from the Iskari High Council, not making up a year’s worth of meetings.   Add to that Dax being at deaths door, Alhannah being eaten up from the inside out, and his new gnome roomies are bouncing off the walls.   So Wendell runs.   Problem is, he didn’t realize HOW much running he’d be doing!

Howling Shadows is book eight in the CHRONICLES OF A HERO series, by Jaime Buckley.   If you love a good laugh and incredible plot twists to keep you guessing, this book will put a smirk on your face!   Buy your copy today!   You can buy the book now in digital or print through Amazon (print) or your favorite online retailer.

Product details

Print Length:

661 pages (kindle)


On the Fly Publications; 1 edition

Publication Date:

February 6, 2021



Age Level:


What Readers Are Saying:

"This is the kind of story that makes me fall in love with reading all over again. I loved the main character Wendell and his minds inner workings reminds me of me :) The true beauty of this book is how vast this universe is, it's not just one guy saving the world...I can't wait to see where Wend3ll ends up next! "
"...this fun tale had me giggling throughout. Jaime Buckley makes good use of Wendell's hilariously unaware and over-the-top personality. He says and thinks the most absurd things at opportune moments, making it difficult not to like him. The use of punctuation and general formatting also help to further emphasize the humor!"


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