A thing of nightmares, Fleshbenders seek relief from their own pain. Skulking from shadow to shadow, they live off the fears, doubts, and evil intentions of those they encounter. Some say these beasts are punishments inflicted upon mankind. Others believe they are the just reward for specific individuals who should have made better choices in life.   One thing is for certain, Fleshbenders are a curse to all they come in contact with.

Not of this world

  Fleshbenders are creations of magic, or rather the result of its abuse.   There are rules to magic. These rules have powerful and often unpredictable consequences for choices made, regardless of ignorance. This is taught from the first day of education at the University of Magic. Unfortunately, there are students who believe their skills and ambitions are beyond such restraints, and they choose to break these rules.   Mägo’s can be consumed by his or her own magic, when attempts are made to compel opposing forces to associate with one another. This is the start of a Fleshbender — when one with an ability for magic seeks to alter or pierce specific spheres of magic. Will is intermingled to cast a spell, transfering an amount of the mägo life to activate and direct it. However, if that spell cannot be completed — that lifeforce must go somewhere.   When the heart desires to pit its will against these rules, that intent will return to its home.   …and a Fleshbender is born.    

Born of ill will

  Conflicting power will return to the heart that conceived it, nesting. This is rarely recognized at first, a person's intent being hidden from all but the Prophet and Seer. With a home to reside, these enemies will turn upon one another, engaged in a battle for supremacy. This quickly takes a toll on the body, from depleting resources, to the consuming of organs and breaking of bones, consuming anything required to continue the war within.   The mägo will be consumed from the inside as the war rages, internal forces unable to harmonize or find peace. In a final attempt to get free, the magic will consume even the flesh, thus destroying the physical shell of the host. Only shadows of the mägo’s consciousness will be present as a new entity roams about, seeing a new home — a place to feed.  

The only sure defense

  Though a Fleshbender is both powerful and dangerous, it is truly harmless to one with a good heart. The only flesh this species is drawn to are those who seek evil, darkness, and have ill will towards others. Not a brief anger, but a desire to do ill because it is ill.   Lovers of darkness will ever be sought by the Fleshbender. To be held in its cold embrace and be given the kiss of consumption…and death.


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