Children of the Wing

All things come by our own hand. From the blessings we enjoy, to the perils and punishments of our darkest deeds. We reap what we sow, and this world issues what is needed for that balance to occur. Justice awakens when we refuse to balance the scales by our own hand.   Children of the Wing know the balance lies in our own grasp. If children live in harmony, taking responsibility for their actions, then they are blessed with good fortune among the messengers of nature. Those who ignore the promptings and signs will suffer the wrath of the same, caught and fed back to the world as judgment.

The Belief

  When those of this world ignored the warnings of holy men and seers, continuing in their selfishness and deprived nature, Elama screamed in agony. She opened her throat and spewed anger upon the world in the form of winged serpents. Great beasts spread across the globe, feasting upon the wicked and nesting where they could torment the evil hearted.   Yet Elama also called to the faithful. Through signs and wonders, she drew the pure in heart to her breast, nourishing a people, to be her mouth to the world. These she would call her children, teaching them of her ways, her language, and showing them how man and beast should live in harmony.    

The Reality

  Those claiming to be the Children of the Wing are known to have a questionable relationship with serpents from the Dragons' Chasm. Several villages exist along the rim of the chasm (also known as the Sea of Wings), but none but members of this religion are known to actually ride dragons as a common mode of transportation. Stranger still, these beasts are not kept or controlled, but come when called — using various methods — the most common being horns fashioned from dragon bones.    

Distinguishing Features

  Using the blood of smaller serpents, Children of the Wing are easily identified by the bright red tattoos across the face and palms. The image of dragon wings are placed over both eyes and cheekbones, while eyes are tattooed into the palms of both hands.


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