Swamp Specters

Be weary when you wander through the swamp. Always take at least one companion and stick to the established paths. It's best to avoid them during the night. Too many folk met terrible ends there.
    Tales of mysterious apparitions are common among those who live near or within places like swamps, bogs, and marshes. It's both a means to keep people safe while also explaining something the critters don't fully understand. This is one of the older stories to exist.    

Ghostly Forms

  Deep within the swamps lurk distorted figures waiting to ambush unsuspected travelers. They can be either white, gray, or black in color. These beings don't appear to be solid and are constantly shifting. It's as if their forms are made of mist or vapor.   Critters have reported hearing moans and other ghastly sounds from the specters. Others noted noxious smells once close enough to one. They typically appear during warmer weather, but with no rhyme or reason why.   Sometimes lights may be seen near or surrounding the ghosts. They're usually small, bright orbs that dance around the figure. Occasionally these lights are seen on their own.    

Ill Fates

  These tales speak of a curse that befalls those who encounter a swamp specter. Outcomes vary, but are usually negative. Some critters are never seen again. Others make it a short distance or even home before falling ill or even dying.   It's safest to travel in groups. This helps decrease the chance of someone wandering off or falling to other dangers. If one member starts to fall to the specter, the others can potentially help them to safety before more are affected.    


  This legend describes the effects of swamp gas and similar phenomena. In most cases it's toxic to some degree. The severity of symptoms critters experience varies. It depends on the concentration of gas in an area and how long an individual spent within it.   The visuals are effects of the gas distorting one's vision and general perception. They can also occur as optical illusions from the gas interacting with different lighting and other factors of the environment.   The curse is simply the toxic effects on the body. Those who disappear get lost from disorientation. In many cases they wander aimlessly and succumb to the elements or get sucked into the mud and water.
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