Reversion Fever

I woke up one morning and my partner was just, gone. Physically they were still there, but the light in their eyes vanished. Some days I don't know if they truly recognize me anymore. I'm glad they survived the initial illness, but face conflicting feelings on what would be best for them in the long run.
    "Awakening" was a spontaneous gift to the critters and it can just as easily disappear. This disease was discovered in recent years. No one understands how it works and there is currently no cure.   It's rare enough to not cause too much damage at present. It could prove devastating to the new societies if it were to develop further.    

Loss of Self

  The largest concern about this illness is what it does to a critter's mental state. Whatever happens seems to revert their sentience. Their bodies are physically the same, but their souls vanish into the ether.   Once the effect takes hold, the individual becomes the same as a standard animal. A few critters are working on better understanding this unique symptom. If it can't be reversed, then they aim to figure out how to provide the best quality of life for survivors.    

Symptoms and Progression

  Reversion fever starts off as an innocuous cold or flu. Common symptoms include a fever, chills, fatigue, vertigo, and loss of appetite. There's also the notable behavior changes in the late stages. Over the course of a week, the individual grows weaker and usually sleeps a majority of the day.   During the long periods of sleep is when the reversion happens. The length of time between infection and reversion varies between cases. Eventually they awaken and are no longer themselves.    

Survival and Treatment

  Weaker critters tend to succumb to the initial infection before the reversion even happens. Survival increases once they pass the fever stage and recover physically. Rates vary depending on what happens once they awaken in their new mental state.   Some may attack their family and end up dealt with out of defense. Others might elope to follow their new instincts; survival in the wild varies greatly. Some families manage to keep them at home and out of harm's way.   No one knows the cause of this illness nor how it works. A cure may never come and communities will just have to deal with this new potential fact of life. Critters are divided on what the best living situation would be for those affected.   During the fever stage, bed rest and fluids is the best course of action. It doesn't appear to be contagious, so families are encouraged to be there to the best of their abilities. Herbal remedies and a soothing presence can help keep them calm.   No one truly knows what to do after the fever. Reverted critters act differently depending on their species. Some folk suggested opening up specialized care homes to ensure survival and safety of both the families and their affected loved one.
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