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Silver Mark

The tavern was quiet and the air dense with fear.
Strange monsters threatening the people of the village.
The villagers ill prepared against the monster's rage.
A stranger enters with a gleaming sword at the hip.
A warrior experienced in viscous and foul monsters.
The tavern now quiet with hope because of his silver mark.
- Burmrum Jinqrin


A Silver Mark is a simple pendant make of silver. The pendant is an image of a circular chain with crossed angles. The chains represent the strong bond that can't be broken and the circular shape represents a pure spirit and pure intentions. The sharp angles represent the silver plated weapons that the Doyen wield and the cross signifies protection.  


This pendant is only to be worn by those who have proven themselves and earned the title of Silver Doyen . A Silver Mark is worn to be visible against a persons outfit. Because this mark identifies a Doyen, this mark often calls for awe and reverance. Though when a Doyen is near, other dangers of the world are often close too, so when a stranger from out of town is wearing a Silver Mark, it often instills awe and fear.


This mark was commissioned by some of the earliest Doyen and was proudly displayed on the outside of clothing either on the chest or on the buckle of a belt. However since the beginings of this order of skilled fighters, slothfulness, pride, and greed have tainted some individuals. The placement of the Silver Mark can signify the dedication a Doyen has to their cause. Wearing the mark on the chest or on the front of the waist shows pure dedication to the cause of protecting others. Wearing the mark on the shoulders or arms is typical of a Doyen who requires compensation or privliged status for their heroic deeds. Wearin the mark in the hair, on the legs or hips shows that a Doyen is largely unwilling to perform to help others anymore.
As an amateur world builder in a young world I don't excpect to win by any means, but I am excited to expand my world in a direction I had not thought of before.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
6 May, 2021 16:00

Nice article :D   I have a few questions for things you can add if you want expand a bit:   I would add an explanation of who Doyens are at the start of the article of using a tooltiip for people not familiar with your world.   How big is the pendant since it's supposed to be very visible? Do people wear colourful clothes beneath it to make it more visible?   How are the people perceived depending on where they wear the Mark? Are they looked down upon if they wear it in the hair for example?

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13 May, 2021 17:48

Thanks for the food for thought! A made link in this article to the Silver Doyen article, but you're right, a brief tooltip would do this article some good. I haven't thought so much about what people wear with this pendant, but the inspiration comes from legends of ancient samurai warriors. As for the plament of the mark, I picture it as a code within the members of the Silver Doyen, so a commoner wouldn't notice the difference... maybe I should make that more clear... I think it depends on each individual Doyen how they perceive Doyen of different devotion levels, ya know? Thanks again for everything to think about!

7 May, 2021 11:57

This is good. What happens if someone who isn't a doyen wears the mark?

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13 May, 2021 17:52

I imagine that other Doyen wouldn't take it to well. Depending on who finds out first, anything from someone simply uncovering their secret and discreting them to assassination.

13 May, 2021 01:36

Nice read! I like how depending on where the Doyen wears the mark it can give off another message to others.

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13 May, 2021 17:54

Thanks! I thought it was a nice little embellishment just to give a little more depth in their culture.

13 May, 2021 17:41

Oh my goodness I never expected anyone to comment or like my little article let alone give me positive feedback! Thank you all so much!

24 May, 2021 22:23

Awesome article. :) I really love the design of the pendant it's so pretty. :D Also the reason why it is worn in your world, is pretty cool. :)

8 Jun, 2021 00:20

Nice symbology in the positioning of the Mark! And I like the touch where a wanderer with this mark likely means things are going to go down, so it's both good and bad...