Soul CODA.

Share some common idioms and phrases from a culture in your world.

"Death is a lot like jazz - it's best when you don't know the ending before its time."

| Piper Jones
They say that every soul has a CODA, a way to finalise itself, to feel how it is phrased in the end.   It seems to be what drives all these souls to be played, to find their "tune" or was it to be tuned..., I can never remember which that is.   Our Jimmy is always leaving at all times of the night with his horn nowadays. Word is getting out about how he plays. Souls so I'm told, are turning up all the time.   Well their living relatives are turning up here, as I've never seen a soul with my eyes. People coming around who wouldn't normally be found dead in this part of town, wanting a meeting with Jimmy and arrange some gig.   I mean I can't complain, we all got new shoes, dresses and suits, the whole family always have full bellies now.

Jimmy is a lot more distant, but that could just be tha lack of sleep. He used to never have much time for playing music outside of class and worship when he was younger, but then I remember him saying what made him change his mind:   "I never had much interest in the trumpet until I realized that every time I played, a girl would appear on the bench to my left and another to my right."   "Didn't matter to me that no one else could see them, an audience of pretty girls is an audience of pretty girls, am I right?".   I guess the more things change, the more things stay the same. Oh to be that young again...  
— George Gershwin Jr.  
  Soul songs have a drive to find a type of balance or "Harmony" that seems to be most easily be achieved by being "played" by interacting with skilled musicians in some way.   It is quite well documented now, that this process started almost immediately after the war but didn't become common knowledge for decades.   It doesn't seem to matter what instrument, voice, genre or language is used by the musician, only they that the deeper connection they have with their method of music making, the more sucessful (and expedient) the process is for both parties.   This doesn't seem to be the end of things though as souls seem to have another journey after this, but this it seems has far less crossover with the world of the living.   [Musical symbol for repeat [See unwritten denouement article] ].  


noun \ ˈplā \ Definition of play (Entry 1 of X) 1a : To play a soul to CODA.
  The side effect of playing and tuning a Soul is that SOULMAGIC is released and this can have some very powerful it varied effects.   CODA is the most extreme and final form of these effects for a given soul.   It is both desirable for the ability to access these forto unaccessible abilities and in some ways an expenditure of a single use resource for the performer as a soul can only ever be fully tuned or brought to harmonic ascension once (As far as is generally thought).   It is generally thought that only Prodigy can play a Soul to its full tuning in a single recital, but like many things in life this is a simplification for the act of codifying and many complex factors are involved. One thing that is guaranteed is that a Prodigy taking a hand in things will probably result in no discord being inflicted on the soul.   The fear of becoming feral is real and both the souls and the real world loved ones are fully aware that it is a possible outcome, if things are done badly.


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