Reptile Rickshaw


A small two-seater carriage. set between two large wheels. usually made of wood but can also be made from lightweight metal. The seat section has a back and side panels, and looks like a two seater chair. simple ones have just a wooden bench, may be padded with some cushioning. usually open topped, though some may have a fold away that can be pulled over to shelter form rain. Privately owned ones can be much more elaborate and luxurious, with upholstered seating and a much more sheltered hood.  

Lizard power

The carts are pulled by bi-pedal dinosaurs. Those used as common taxis within the city usually just use runners. They are a more common and smaller cousin of the Gjervlings, which are more often used by wealthier citzens who own ther own rickshaws.  


One of the more common transport methods within the city, they are used as taxis as well as personal transport. Some places do hire out rickshaws.  


While using dinosaurs to pull carts has been done for thousands of years the idea of the personal dino rickshaw is relatively new, having only been around for a couple hundred years or so, as this was about the time that smaller dinos began to be specially bred.
licenced taxi   notable rickshaw   notable breeders of dinos.


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