church of singer peeps

Order was founded by an archaeologist/ historian, who studied the athmesans, specifically their adavancements in sound technology and their knowledge of music.   They believe that if they can achieve harmony in life then they will be able to join the universal song immediately after death, without needing to be tuned.   They study music in all forms, and have built up a great knowledge of sound science. they are known for their choirs and ability to create amazing harmonies.   Are tenacious in their hunt for feral souls as discordance is the enemy of harmony. They have developed special techniques to help them find and eliminate the threat.


Each branch of the church is led by a Conductor. masters - warrior - monks - acolytes -

Public Agenda

To ultimately have souls join the song automatically upon death.   By spreading their religion   Fighting against discordance wherever they feel it is present.

Mythology & Lore

Athmesan religion as pieced together by historians

Divine Origins

founding 200 ish years ago by the archaeologist.

Cosmological Views

choir of gods who sang the world into existence.

Tenets of Faith

Always strive for harmony in all of your actions.   Fight discordance wherever you encounter it.   Never Force a soul to do your bidding.


Always tune a soul as far as you can, unless otherwise requested by the soul.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Influence in region three is growing. They were already an established religion before the needle, and now many of their beliefs have been demonstrated to be true. This has increased their followers among the population, and they are now perceived as having knowledge of the situation.
There are those who believe the singer bros know more than they are letting on, and some few conspiracy theorists believe them to be responsible for it in some fashion. Certain detractors with influence have begun speaking out against them in public, and have stirred up some discontent.   A brief description of Muters.


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