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Thantracck Tree

The Extinct Thantracck Wood; An incredibly durable, soft, and luxorious wood that was harvested due to it's vast growth rate, and put to sacrifices and personalized buildings for the Gods themselves. Only 1 tree ever grew, and it was maintained and harvested by the Yugoloths. They would hold annual harvests for the tree, as it seemed to continue growing. But year, after year, after year, until hundreds of years of harvesting the wood, it eventually stopped growing, but it was far too late for the tree. The tree started decaying, and the Yugoloths tried their hardest to preserve it but only to no avail. That's when Thror came, he offered to take the remainder of it and keep it safe with him, and of course the Yugoloths trusted him. However, little did they know, that he would be tearing apart the remaining major log, and skinning it down to a very thin stick to use for his Battle Axe.

Basic Information


It had hundreds of limbs, it was very spider-like and almost seemed to just continue growing ignoring gravity itself. 
The wood itself was very, very dense. It was capable of being hit by a meteor and still remaining unscathed. It consisted of a deep, warm brown hue, and was very soft to the touch, almost like a Redwood Tree. 
 It's leaves were flat and more green than grey, and they were also soft to the touch. 
There was only ever 1 of these trees, which is why it was a very sacred tree. They farmed it and harvested it, using it's woods for the construction of Deities buildings and prizes possessions, and occasionally sacrificed parts of it to deities to appease them.

Ecology and Habitats

It tends to grow in very open, dry, and cold environments. It's an incredibly large tree, so the plains of Ake are perfect for it.
Scientific Name
Thantarrackian Lantallionus
Plane of Ake; World Tree
10,000+ Years
Conservation Status
Currently, the Species is extinct. The last of its wood was harvested by Thror to be used for Tallinsloth, his Storm Breaker. Beforehand, it was under conservation by not only the Gods, but the government of Ake, as it was a very prized tree.
Average Height
180+ Feet
Average Weight
100 Tons
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
Discovered by

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