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Tel Na'aki

Tel Na'aki are large beasts of burden out in The Burning Sands, these hulking creatures resemble elephants and lizards of old

Basic Information


Young ones are kind of wrinkly with extra flaps of skin and a slighly soft beak, older ones have huge interlocking plates covering most of their body, a large sharp beak and heavy trunklike legs with claws sticking out of the front

Genetics and Reproduction

The Tel Na'aki are a hermaphroditic species that lays giant eggs in clutches of up to 6, each one of these beachball sized orbs having several inchs of solid armour to protect the moderately fragile young inside, regularly more than one young popping out of a single egg, an egg can take up to a year to form inside the creature but they don't need to lay the eggs strait away, individuals have been known to not lay eggs for decades at a time if a mate is not found

Growth Rate & Stages

Starting in an egg, the hatchlings bash and claw their way out a few months after the egg is layed, anything from 1 to 4 hatchlings per egg. They start off about the size of a medium dog and rapidly grow to the size of a horse, after that they then grow at a slower rate to their full size

Ecology and Habitats

One of the only creatures to call The Burning Sands its home

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Only found in The Burning Sand desert

Average Intelligence

Roughly the same to a larger domestic dog

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

One of the few creatures to have four eyes they have a sight radius of roughly 200 degrees
Roughly 80 years
Conservation Status
Being such tough creatures the people who use them dont really need to worry about protecting them, able to fend off even other giant creatures by themselves
Average Height
4.2 to 5 meters tall
Average Weight
16,000 to 22,000 kilograms
Average Length
6.1 to 7.8 meters
Average Physique
Large, heavy body that sways with every step, layers of muscle, fat and armour giving a bulky elephant like shape
Geographic Distribution

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