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The Year of Upheaval

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The world as it was is gone. War, disease, oceans drying up and ancient weapons from a time long gone are all that remain. all the laungues of the world have merged into one and each day is a fight for survival for those not in the larger cities   In history long forgotten, there was a cataclysm that rocked the world, oceans became sand, sand became ocean, fire became ice and ice turned to fire, the incarnations of the 7 enemies of man where born into the world by human engineering, part magic, part flesh, and created by technology. there shadows standing tall in the light of the world and causing the laws as we know them to bend and in some cases snap, no longer do storm clouds gather, unless your in the badlands, grass does not grow outside of the steppe, and sand only exists in storms that move so quick as to rip flesh from bone. but just to prove their stubbornness, humans not only live in this twisted hellscape, but they manage to thrive, a place where technology and magic are looked on with equal fear and interest, a place where you cant tell if someone has a relic of the old days, or is able to bend the elements to their will by magic, those with such power, be it born or found, rise to power, while the others huddle for warmth and protection, its not every day you might find something that can basically give you super powers, but what do you do with such an item? do you give it to the science guild to study in exchange for a large sum? or do you keep it for yourself and rise to the top of your cities ranks? no one remembers what caused Ragnarok to come early, but with it was brought all manner of horror, some biological, some magical, and some mechanical, even the void itself got split a sunder and creatures not unlike us spilled into our world. every day is a struggle, but every day can bring much wealth