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Our intrepid writers will tackle a VSS (very short Twitter length story) challenge. Follow the action at our VSSchallengers account.  

November 2021

This month we'll be working on #VSS365 + MerriamWebster's #WordOfTheDay.

The Challengers are

  • EliKwake
  • witing in Reaperverse series
  • Sarah Buhrman
  • witing in Runespells series
  • Her book Blood of the Moon is out 11/4
  • Diane Morrison
  • witing in Toy Soldier Saga series
  • VSS stories list at Very Short Stories for the Toy Soldier Saga -- November 2021
  • Amy Winters-Voss
  • witing in Liminal Chronicles Series
  • VSS stories list at Very Short Stories for Liminal Chronicles
  • Is also doing #vssLiminal where possible

  • vssChallengers Tally

    Last update 11/21/2021.
    (Polls are a day or so behind. Fox will leave the date of the last poll's tweets to keep things straight.)

    ChallengerDays Won
      Links to each day's stories and the polls are here and on our vssChallengers Twitter Account.